Womanhood in Brushstrokes​

Womanhood in Brushstrokes

A great writer once wrote ‘Free time is a terrible thing to waste’; a philosophy that Sanjina Islam’s journey into becoming an artist owes tribute to. It’s no secret the pandemic has brought about many challenges and obstacles that once were nonexistent, but on the flipside, many young individuals like Sanjina managed to find a silver lining. In an exclusive interview with COLORS Magazine, Sanjina Islam shares her story of how she became a self-made makeup artist.

By Tamima Islam

When boredom struck the now twenty-three-year-old during the initial lockdown period, her artistic mind lit up. Sanjina wanted to try her hand at face art, and to her surprise, the response she received over social media was more than what she had anticipated.

“When I started this, I didn’t think I would get this hyped,” she shares. “So, I started creating more looks inspired by existing characters and new makeup trends.”

Before she knew it, Sanjina’s looks took social media platforms, like Tiktok, by a storm, inspiring young girls alike to hop in on her trends.

“The reason I stuck to it wasn’t for the fame,” clarifies Sanjina. “It simply is something I enjoy doing, and it lifts my mood up.”

Recognizing her own growth, Sanjina began taking appointments and now earns her own pocket money by doing makeovers over her free time. Being an undergrad student, it may seem like a tough act to follow, but Sanjina assures us that she doesn’t let any of this hamper her studies.

“So far I’ve managed to balance my studies with my work well,” says Sanjina. “I only take a limited number of clients a month, so I don’t get overwhelmed with work.”

Commenting on the rise in popularity of self-made artists, Sanjina explains how the internet and social media have played a big role in not only helping to create these artists but also creating a good following. Social media platforms allow the clients to interact with the artists on an intimate level. Seeing their daily work and routine helps grow followers grow trust in their favorite artists to a point where they would consider a self-made artists for even their big day. In addition, an entire community of artists is built over these platforms where everyone supports each other and helps their talents be known.

Also, owing to social media, following the right trends is a big drive behind the appreciation of self-made artists.

“It’s important for an artist to keep up with the trends that are in, and trends change very quickly on the internet,” shares Sanjina.

Sanjina has managed to utilize her resources well to become a makeup artist within a short period of time. At the end of the day, the look of awe on her clients, the appreciation, and the self-satisfaction after seeing the results are all the reasons Sanjina does what she does and she aspires to just keep growing from here on.

In celebration of the month of women, Sanjina brings us four different looks that are inspired by the different emotions that signify a woman.


This bold, fiery look inspired by Makeup artist Jaydeen Sarah, represents the rage and anger that resides in a woman from the everyday struggles of living in a man’s world. Sanjina used matte black and orange eyeshadow powder, with a dash of red, and a matching bold, black lipstick, to create this look


A woman, in all her aura, is a delicate being. This spring-inspired look features subtle makeup, accompanied by fresh flowers pressed onto her skin with body glue. 


A motherly characteristic is intrinsic to all women alike. This simple look, the look of a true Bengali woman, represents the nurturing nature of a woman. A glowy yet simple makeup look, complemented by a red sari and grandeur jewelry pieces, perfectly brings out the queen energy carried by a woman’s nurturing side. 


To be a woman in a man’s world requires strength and courage. The purple theme encircling Woman’s day signifies justice and dignity. For this look, Sanjina uses a bold purple eye-shade to create a winged eyeshadow. White rhinestones line the sides of the eyelid and the corners of the eyes to add some bling to the whole look.

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