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Makeover Finesse by Farhana Chaity: Your Beauty Sanctuary

In the heart of Banani, Dhaka, lies a sanctuary of beauty and transformation, helmed by the visionary artist Farhana Chaity. Makeover Finesse is more than just a salon; it’s a place where creativity and sophistication converge.

Elevate Your Beauty Experience 

With a range of services tailored to diverse beauty needs, Makeover Finesse ensures that every visit is an experience to remember. From rejuvenating facials to luxurious manicures and pedicures, the studio offers a world of possibilities.

A bride being groomed at the salon

Bridal Makeovers: A Touch of Magic
Farhana Chaity’s bridal makeovers are the epitome of artistry. Choose between the “Bridal Makeover” and the “Bridal Makeover – In-House Expert” to enhance your radiance on your special day.

Healthy skin needs a caring ritual

Hair: Your Crowning Glory
At Makeover Finesse, hair is not just styled; it’s transformed into a work of art. From trendy haircuts to stunning color transformations, the team ensures you look and feel your best.

Makeover Finesse offers a wide range of services for your hair

Your Unique Style
Makeover Finesse believes in celebrating individuality. Your makeup and hairstyling experience is tailored to reflect your unique style and personality. It’s not just a routine; it’s a personal expression. 

Manicure and pedicures are important for the brides-to-be

Discover Your Inner Star
Whether you seek the perfect bridal makeover, a rejuvenating facial, or hairstyling that leaves you feeling like a star, Makeover Finesse is your destination. It’s a place where beauty meets artistry, where transformation happens inside and out. Make an appointment today and experience the magic of Farhana Chaity and her team at Makeover Finesse.

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