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Unlocking Beauty and Creativity: The Farhana Chaity Story

Discover the world of makeup artistry with Farhana Chaity, a globally renowned makeup artist and hairstylist, as we delve into her journey of passion, dedication, and international success.

The Maestro Behind Makeover Finesse

In the heart of Banani, Dhaka, lies a gem that transcends the boundaries of beauty and style. Meet Farhana Chaity, the owner of Makeover Finesse by Farhana Chaity, a quintessential makeup studio and salon that has redefined the standards of beauty. With her extensive training and international experience, she has not only set up a salon but a sanctuary where quality, service, and a personal touch make all the difference.

Farhana Chaity, the ace makeover artists and owner of Makeover Finesse by Farhana Chaity

Farhana Chaity’s academic journey is as impressive as her makeup skills. She holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences from the University of Dhaka, reflecting her commitment to holistic beauty. Her foundation in Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College further solidifies her discipline and dedication.

Embarking on an International Odyssey

In 2016, Farhana Chaity’s journey took her to the vibrant streets of Seoul, Korea. Here, she dedicated herself to the art of makeup, earning a diploma in Versatile Makeup from the prestigious MBC Beauty Academy. Her talent shone brightly at the Global Beauty Expo, where makeup artists from 17 different countries converged. It was there that she clinched the coveted Gold Medal in bridal makeup, leaving a lasting mark on the global stage.

The future in makeup is all about creativity and excellence”.

Farhana Chaity

After her remarkable stint in Korea, Farhana Chaity’s wanderlust led her to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her passion for beauty knew no bounds as she pursued a diploma in Advanced Creative Hairstyling at the esteemed Hair Zone Academy, under the guidance of the renowned Michael Poh. During her stay in Malaysia, she collaborated with illustrious names such as FEMININE Magazine and ASTRO TV, enhancing her international presence and reputation as a makeup artist. She continued to shine on the global stage by actively participating in various international expos, further cementing her status as a makeup virtuoso.

Rising Above Challenges

Farhana Chaity’s path to success was not without its hurdles. Working as a makeup artist in Korea and Malaysia, she faced the challenges of adapting to diverse cultures, people, and professional standards. However, her resilience and passion for makeup prevailed. Even more daunting was the establishment of Makeover Finesse in Banani, Dhaka, during the COVID-19 pandemic. From setting up the business to forming a skilled team and marketing her services, Farhana Chaity triumphed over adversity.

Tasnia Farin, the cover star of the November Bridal issue, exudes resplendence with a stunning makeover by Makeover Finesse by Farhana Chaity. Wardrobe by Prem’s Collections, Jewelry by Amisheé

A Trail of Achievements

Farhana Chaity’s journey is studded with remarkable achievements, each more dazzling than the last:

  1. In 2017, she clinched the gold medal in Bridal Makeup at the Global Beauty Expo in Seoul, Korea, where 17 countries showcased their talent.
  2. Her participation in the International Beauty Expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was a testament to her international recognition, as she worked with renowned makeup artists.
  3. Her work as a makeup artist for ASTRO TV and FEMININE magazine in Malaysia solidified her reputation as a beauty virtuoso.
  4. She graced the fashion world by participating in various fashion shows and events organized by esteemed entities such as the Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh, World Cotton Fashion Show, Tresemme, Daily Star Lifestyle Magazine, Prothom Alo Noksha, ICE Today magazine, and Prem’s Collection.
  5. Her role as a makeup partner in Coke Studio Bangla Season-2, featuring four iconic songs, including “Deora,” showcased her expertise on a grand stage.
  6. Farhana Chaity’s dedication to preserving Bangladeshi culture and heritage shines through her organization of a Bridal Fashion Show, where creative makeup styles take center stage.

Farhana Chaity’s journey is an inspiring testament to the boundless possibilities of creativity and excellence in makeup. Her dedication, perseverance, and remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. As she aptly puts it, “the future in makeup is all about creativity and excellence,” a motto she lives by at Makeover Finesse – “Your Style, Your Attitude & My Creativity.” Discover beauty beyond limits with Farhana Chaity.

Makeover Finesse by Farhana Charity; Makeup Studio and Salon. Address: Apt-A3, H-75, Rd-7, Block-H, Banani. Contact: Call: 01713065713, 01714057527 Social Media: Fb: MakeoverFinesseByFarhanaChaity; IG: MakeoverFinesse_FarhanaChaity

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