In the Elegant World of Bapon Rahman: From Makeup to Interior Artistry

The journey of Bapon Rahman, a renowned makeup artist who seamlessly transitioned into the realms of interior design and artefact consultation, is a captivating tale of creative evolution. His story unfolds like a beautifully curated space, meticulously crafted with passion and an eye for detail.

Bapon Rahman, interior designer and veteran makeup artist

“It all started during my boyhood when I witnessed my mother’s unwavering dedication to keeping our interior tidy,” Bapon reminisces, his voice carrying a hint of nostalgia. “This simple act profoundly impacted me and encouraged me to think deeply into the realm of interior designing.”

Bapon’s design ethos is steeped in an old-money ambiance, drawing inspiration from nostalgia and vibrant color contrasts as its defining elements

What began as decorating relatives’ houses soon blossomed into a full-fledged career spanning 36 years as a makeup artist and 27 years as an interior designer. “Both disciplines are inherently creative,” Bapon explains, “and this duality allowed me to navigate my thoughts fluidly, weaving together beauty and functionality.”

With a style mantra centered on neatness and infusing a homely touch, Bapon’s works often reflect the elegance of British colonial or French themes. “A lot of my clients have always appreciated my subtlety as an interior designer,” he says with a proud smile. “While contrasting colors, I become extremely picky, always emphasizing the harmony of the space.”

In a society where global trends are not widely followed, Bapon’s ability to understand his clients’ tastes and desires sets him apart. “People here look forward to hearing from the designer they work with and decorate their houses accordingly,” he explains. “Most of the time, we have to stick to the clients’ preferences. What they want and how they want it are two important facets. I always try to spend time with my clients to fathom their tastes and desires. That’s how I try to materialize their dreams into a reality.”

Festive seasons, Bapon notes, are peak times for redecorating homes, akin to the excitement of shopping for oneself. “People try to change the wall color or paste wallpaper. Another important thing is table arrangement for guests,” he elaborates. “A lot of crockery items are being bought to decorate tables and surprise their guests. Or they may change their upholstery to give their sofa a new look. Many opt for buying new showpieces or paintings to adorn their walls.”

Bapon’s advice for homeowners is simple yet profound: “Try to recycle your collections. You can recolor it to add a new dimension and spruce up its looks. It’s not about Eid only; keep your house tidy and decorated always, and it will reflect your lifestyle choices.” He suggests playing with bedsheets, books, and magazines, adding candles and plants for a touch of warmth and nature. “For floors, rugs can make a huge difference, while curtains can add new visual flavors to your windows and the entire room, as they control the entry of light.”

With a love for plants, Bapon encourages incorporating greenery into living spaces, from vertical gardens to aquariums and fountains. “Those who like a more ethnic look can keep a clay pot and grow lotus while growing some tiny fishes,” he adds, painting a vivid picture of tranquillity.

Currently working on two projects – one modern and one contemporary – Bapon’s designs often draw inspiration from his own home. “Not just colonial styles, sometimes Chinese or modern designs are my current favorites,” he shares. “However, one thing is common in all my designs: keeping the contrast well and not turning one’s house into a showroom by keeping too many items together.”

As an artefact consultant, Bapon’s expertise extends beyond interior design, guiding collectors in showcasing their prized possessions. “Many collectors don’t know how to showcase their collectables,” he explains, emphasizing the importance of harmoniously integrating artefacts into living spaces.

In the world of Bapon Rahman, beauty and functionality converge, creating sanctuaries that reflect the souls of their inhabitants. His journey from makeup artistry to interior design and artefact consultation is a testament to the boundless potential of creativity and the power of following one’s passions.

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