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Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, a groundbreaking event celebrating the fusion of tradition and contemporary style, unfolded on April 25th and 26th, spotlighting the rich diversity inherent within the modest fashion sphere. With a central theme of honoring cultural heritage while embracing modern trends, the event provided an engaging platform for designers to unveil their innovative creations.

Niharika Momtaz with her model

A standout moment of the event was the debut of “Çiçek —Flower and The Timeless Trend,” presented by Niharika Momtaz, a Dubai-based designer hailing from Bangladesh. Notably, Momtaz became the first Bangladeshi designer to participate in Modest Fashion Week. Her collection swiftly garnered acclaim for seamlessly merging modern modesty with trendy design elements, all meticulously crafted by skilled South Asian artisans. The designs not only captivated the audience but also established new standards for craftsmanship and aesthetic integration within modest fashion.

Reflecting on her debut at one of Europe’s most esteemed fashion events, Momtaz expressed her exhilaration, stating:
“Stepping onto the global stage at Modest Fashion Week Istanbul was a thrilling and profoundly fulfilling experience. It was a moment of pride to showcase my vision to such a discerning international audience.”

The event drew a distinguished array of attendees, including global dignitaries, celebrities, influential designers, and ardent enthusiasts of modest fashion. Each participant and spectator contributed to a dynamic forum, fostering the exchange of ideas and inspirations poised to shape the future of the fashion industry. Modest Fashion Week Istanbul stands as a vital nexus for cultural exchange and innovation, offering a unique glimpse into the evolving landscape of the global modest fashion scene.
— Photo Courtesy: Volkam Kara

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