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Photography is one of the many ways in which we share our stories with each other. Read on as COLORS Magazine unravels the story of Zeyran Juhie, a professional photographer, as we share an exclusive reel of her breathtaking work titled ‘Transforming the Beauty Myths’.

By Tamima Islam

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been an intrinsic characteristic unique to the human species. From cave paintings to literature and prose, we’ve always found new and evolutionary ways to share our stories with the world. It is through this narrative that Zeyran Juhie, a professional photographer, began her career in the art of storytelling through pictures. 

If you were to have asked young Zeyran what she wanted to be when she grew up, photography would not have come up in the conversation. In fact, Zeyran pursued and completed an undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering not too long before she decided to become a full-time photographer. 

Her journey in photography kicked off when Zeyran grabbed herself any working camera she could find to take portrait pictures of her friends. It wasn’t long before she realized her passion for photography and took it up as a hobby. 

“It didn’t matter what brand or type of camera I used,” says Zeyran. “I would make do with any camera at my disposal to turn what I could see into art.”

In 2016, Zeyran took her hobby to the next level when she started taking bookings to cover wedding events. She soon realized there was much more to what she could do with her skills. 

Zeyran wanted her pictures to speak to the world – she aspired to tell stories through the pictures she took and let her creative aura take charge of her career. So, she used her skills to bring her imagination to life by creating her own sets with props, costumes, and a model to muse her. 

Alongside all the appreciation she received from her awestriking work, her photography also brought in significant bad publicity, Zeyran told COLORS Magazine. 

“Due to certain societal norms in this country, my photography tends to upset a number of people,” she says. “But I don’t pay heed to the negativity because of all the positive responses that outweigh it.”

When asked about how she got the courage to pursue a creative career over her engineering degree, Zeyran made it clear that it was not an easy road to take. Our society is yet to fully embrace careers in the creative field, making it a tough journey for aspiring artists to make a breakthrough. With the pressures of a brown household, Zeyran was pretty much on her own in taking the first step as a professional photographer.

What made it even more perilous is the lack of conceptual artists in the photography industry of Bangladesh. Zeyran added that commercial photo shoots, such as fashion and weddings, tend to grasp a wider audience because of the demand for this work. On the other hand, creative photographers, like her, take a little more time before they can establish their brand. Yet, despite the challenges, Zeyran lifted her chin up and pursued the dreams of her own accord. Today, she has successfully built a growing network of keen clients who not only trust her work but are willing to pay for it too.

“If I were to give any young, aspiring artists, some advice, I would say go bold,” adds Zeyran. “Pursue what makes you happy and everything else will eventually fall into place.”

Mentioning that she just recently invested in her own gear after years of borrowing or renting a device, Zeyran believes that overcoming obstacles is only a matter of compromise and dedication. If you have the will, you will find a way to make it happen for you.

In addition to photography, Zeyran has expanded her horizons by dipping her toes in Video production and Cinematography and plans to grow her visual talent even further.

Zeyran’s photography is, simply put, bold and breathtaking. Each image speaks volumes and plays into the viewer’s emotions like poetry. Talent is driven by passion, is everything the creative world seeks to make way for and Zeyran plays no less the part. 

Transforming the Beauty Myths

An exclusive photo exposition, by Zeyran Juhie, featuring women in their many forms.

'She was not born strong, she was made strong. She is Woman.' - Screen Artist: Jessia
‘She was not born strong, she was made strong. She is Woman.’ – Screen Artist: Jessia
'She blooms where
she is planted'
Screen Artist: Jessia
‘She blooms where
she is planted’
Screen Artist: Jessia
'She is a reection of her freedom' - Screen Artist: Emu
‘She is a reection of her freedom’ – Screen Artist: Emu


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