The Complete Makeover

The festive season doesn’t just mean brand new clothes – getting a new haircut, hair color, or just a proper spa day makes the festivities all the more rewarding. COLORS gets in touch with the Managing Directors of Studio Ombre, Faraz Abir and Ahmed Anik Mudassir, to learn a little about how the studio came to be, and a few tips on hair care this season!

By Tamima Islam

The trio – Faraz, Mudassir, and Evana Rahman

People who tell you ‘Beauty is only skin-deep’ probably never got themselves the right makeover. Getting a fresh haircut, new hair color or even a beauty facial doesn’t just revamp your outlook, it refreshes your mind and enhances the way you see yourself, giving you newfound confidence. With this in mind, Studio Ombre, a luxe beauty salon situated in Dhanmondi, provides you the perfect services and ambiance for the makeover that your bold self deserves this holiday.

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Studio Ombre is the brainchild of its Head hairstylist, Faraz Abir, an internationally trained hair stylist, certified by Toni & Guy’s academy in Delhi. Prior to this, Faraz was an English teacher with a mere dream of starting his own business someday. After finally taking the leap and getting his certification, Faraz began making his dream a reality. 

It was through his supportive wife, Naziba Naushin, that he met Mudassir, who would go on to be a partner and Co-Managing Director of Studio Ombre. 

Faraz Abir working his magic

Having a knack for fashion and beauty himself, Mudassir instantly saw the potential this venture had and hopped on board. Together the duo brought Faraz’s idea to life. From finding a place, creating a name, and ideating a design, they made sure Studio Ombre would be the perfect place for anyone to have a relaxing experience while getting a top-notch makeover. 

“First and foremost, we wanted to ensure a calm and soothing environment for our customers,” Mudassir tells COLORS. “So, we hired The Most Designs to design the studio.”

The modern design of Studio Ombre is a fusion of baby pink and ash gray, a surprisingly appealing duo, accompanied by gold accents and details on the walls, furniture, and deco. Warm lighting complements the whole place to give it that soothing touch Mudassir and Faraz were aiming for. 

Today, the studio is run by the trio – Faraz, Mudassir, and Evana Rahman – who have managed to satisfy their customers’ beauty needs by maintaining lush standards. The Salon also offers luxurious beauty facials, like the popular Esthemax facial, which is a hydro-jelly facial with electrolytes that rejuvenates dull, dry skin among other things. According to Faraz, most of the products used at Studio Ombre, including hair dyes, are imported, branded products that promise excellent quality. Studio Ombre also has a little corner for Studio MM products, so you can complete your Eid makeover with a brand-new outfit!

Sunehra Tasnim’s hair styled by Faraz Abir

All things Hair

If there’s one thing Studio Ombre has boasting rights to, it’s definitely their head hairstylist, Faraz Abir. His hairstyling skills paired with his knowledge of all things hair’ ensures top-grade quality when it comes to Studio Ombre’s hair services. 

When asked about the trending hair looks of the season, Faraz tells COLORS how women prefer shorter hair now over long, luscious hair, owing largely to the unsuitable weather conditions in our country. 

“A bold A-line bob is currently trending among women,” he shares. “And for those who do keep long hair, the Transient layers cut is what’s in right now.” 

Faraz also addressed the rising popularity of box dyes and the damage it can cause to our hair. He discourages all his customers from using them as much as possible. Box dyes are created for all hair types, which means it doesn’t cater to your hair’s specific needs and exposes it to harsh chemicals. As a result, your hair’s bonds are altered, leaving it weak and brittle. 

“Box-dyed hair is difficult to work with,” explains Faraz. “In order to fix or recolor the hair, we usually have to wait for it to grow out.”

However, Faraz assures that the coloring process done by him is done with high-quality products and ensures the least amount of damage possible.

A number of well-known personalities have already entrusted their hair to the hands of Faraz, such as Ridy Sheikh, Kashfiaa Amina, and Tasnim Sunehra. 

It’s, without a doubt, an essential part of our life to spoil ourselves from time to time with a little pampering, so you not only look good but feel the part too. Studio Ombre is one of the handfuls of salons that promises you the experience you deserve, and we only hope to see it grow and continue being a safe haven for women in Dhaka.

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