Sonia Musa Dhaka showcases the Eid-ul-Fitr Collection with a dazzling fashion show

Amidst the bustling streets of Dhaka, a moment of sartorial splendor unfolded on the 7th of March 2024. Designer Sonia Musa unveiled her much-anticipated Eid-ul-Fitr Collection in a breathtaking fashion show that left attendees spellbound.

Set against the backdrop of the capital’s vibrant heart, the showcase was a symphony of elegance and craftsmanship. Each ensemble, meticulously crafted within Sonia Musa Dhaka’s studio and atelier, told a story of timeless beauty and celebration.

Designer Sonia Musa

From ethereal pastels to vibrant hues, the collection transcended boundaries, reflecting the journey from daytime sophistication to evening allure. Hand-painted dresses, intricate lehengas, and graceful sarees graced the runway, each piece a testament to Dhaka’s rich heritage and modern flair.

As Dhaka’s foremost models glided down the runway, the atmosphere crackled with excitement, setting the stage for the upcoming festive season. But the magic didn’t end with the fashion show. Following the event, the collection awaited eager buyers and customers at Sonia Musa Dhaka’s flagship store in Banani DOHS.

Located at House 22/A, Road 3, Banani DOHS, Dhaka 1206, the store opened its doors from the 9th to the 14th of March 2024, inviting fashion enthusiasts to experience the epitome of Eid elegance firsthand.

In a city where tradition meets modernity, Sonia Musa Dhaka’s Eid-ul-Fitr Collection stood as a beacon of style, weaving together the threads of heritage and innovation into a tapestry of sheer beauty.

The partners of the show are as follows:
Strategy and Communications – Avari
Fashion Choreography and Styling – Azra Mahmood Talent Club
Event Coverage – Checkmate events and Rony Sharafat
Beauty Partner – Prive by Nahila Hedayet
Jewelry Partner – Kashfiaa-Jewelry Designer
Event Management and Decor – Market Access Providers Ltd
Runway track produced by Dameer
Venue Partner: Aloki

Photographs: Courtesy

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