Should You Really Ditch Carbs?

Weight loss pushes a lot of people to give up carbs entirely, maybe even pursue a Keto diet. But scientifically that beats the purpose of what is termed a balanced diet. Anisha Hassan advises us to give up on a part of that unbalances our diet, causing a heap of problems for the body and mind.

One of the topmost things on the list of most people is to ditch one of the most important parts of our diet, carbohydrates. Made popular by the term ‘Keto Diet’, this encourages people to give up carbohydrates completely and replace it with proteins, fats, and other elements. The reason being eliminating carbohydrates has proven to be a very fast method of losing weight. However, carbohydrate is one of the essential parts of a balanced diet, meaning without it your diet is not complete or is unbalanced.

How it happens
So ditching carbs help us shed weight, but how exactly does that happen, and is the method healthy? Removing carbohydrates from the diet lowers blood glucose and insulin levels, which eventually reduces fat storage in the body. 

When you let go of the main fuel of your body, it starts to look for another source to burn and release energy for your daily activities. This new source eventually becomes the fat storage, hence the loss in weight afterward. But there is one small problem, fats do not burn as readily as carbohydrates, meaning you will be lethargic and won’t have enough energy to deal with your daily activities.

The Low-Carb Flu 
A term given to the instant reactions people start to feel as they give up carbohydrates, the low carb flu includes weakness, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, and even headaches. 

Now that we see why we shouldn’t cut this gem out of our diets, we have a plethora of reasons to keep it as well. 

A Mood Booster 
When turning to benefits that are not physical, carbohydrate consumption releases a chemical called serotonin which helps one to feel better or triggers that “happy” emotion. It is the same feeling you get when you have mac and cheese or a large slice of pizza. 

Carbs Contain Fiber 
Fiber helps to promote weight loss, but greens are not the only place you get it from. A lot of carbohydrates contain fiber like rice bran and wheat bran which aids in digestion and clears your intestines, promoting weight loss.  

Carbs also contain a soluble fiber which helps to decrease bad cholesterol, otherwise known as LDLs. Whole grains like brown rice also helps in the process, while increasing HDL or good cholesterol. Together this helps to keep the heart healthy and running.

A Toned Shape 
The refined grains we consume every day is what is responsible for the weight gain and bulky figures. Simply swapping it out with whole grains can help prevent this problem as it aids in weight loss. This is because whole grains do not raise your blood sugar as refined carbs do. Hence the insulin levels, which tell the body to store fat, do not go up either. So you have a carb-rich diet to enjoy all the benefits, all the while shedding weight. It is basically a win-win situation.

The Verdict
There are good carbs, like unprocessed and unrefined, fiber-rich foods that help keep you full and provide you with the required energy. And there are the bad carbs, those that are processed, refined, and have added sugar and add to your weight. So the smart move for a healthy body is not to ditch carbs altogether but to consume the right ones in the right proportions. 

There are cases where one might have to completely cut out carbs from their diet for medical reasons, or in case of extreme obesity where a doctor would likely prescribe it. However other than these extreme cases, the carbohydrate is and always will be a necessary part of our meals.

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