Revamping the Home with International Homeware

Timeless home décor is what we want to aim for most of the time, but somehow every new season trending styles seem to squeeze their way into our homes. You do not have to completely give in to new trends by getting a total home makeover, but instead, find out ways of styling new home accents that match your personal style. It is a combination of both your personal style and new trends that makes a truly great home, writes Anisha Hassan.

Going For the Gold

They say a mask of gold hides all deformities, and indeed this quotation is applicable to more than just people. We are not trying to convince you to turn your home into the city of gold, however a few standout pieces here and there can surely change the mood of a space and make it feel more  

The key is to pair up small pieces of different heights and shapes so they each have their own emanating radiance, while complementing each other’s differences. Note to never put symmetrical objects side by side, but only on different corners of a room. This combination of a cylinder, cube and asymmetrical deer make for a perfect pair of three that you can sport on your console table.

A gilded deer in gold with its legs widespread upfront is not a piece to put into a combination, but one that deserves centerpiece attention. Resting itself on top of a mahogany table, this will look truly majestic in any space.

Gold for tableware can seem a bit overwhelming, that is where these come in. These standard glasses come with intricate golden details on the bottom, and beautiful gold rim on the top for a completed look. If tableware had jewelry, this would be it.

Specks of Color

Colors speak volumes, they add playfulness and life to the dullest scenes and can have profound effects on the human mood. While some love to adorn their homes in beiges, others love to splash on the wildest hues, but one thing to keep in mind is to be minimal when it comes to multi colors. Where over doing can cause chaos, add in specks to grab attention.

Splashes of color is always best complimented on a background of white that lets each color have its moment. This detailed tableware seems more of a table ornament with its multi colored designs. When not using this to wow guests while serving food, this can double as a showpiece or a “catch-it-all” beside your dining area.

Like art on your tables, these glasses come with beautiful multi-colored petals on the bottom all the way down to the glasses. A simple way to spruce up your tables and the perfect depiction of less is more.

A Touch of Antique

Reminiscing about the old days are something we all tend to do, while missing our grandma’s place. It is then that we turn to antique goodies which make us nostalgic and take us back.

Metal jugs are much more hygienic than plastic ones, but other than the hygiene factor the reason we love this so much is because it takes us back to our childhood with its shape, the coppery tone and finally the horizontal stripes. There is something about this metal jug which says ‘home’.

This beautiful candle stand is not only very practical, but the dark finish, the tinted glass and that crystal connecting the two parts all have this old-age touch to them which makes it seem like a timeless antique piece waiting to be in your collection.

Contemporary Décor

This is a nice blend of the stark modern décor mixed with comfort that results in a trendy, yet homely space. Think of it as multitasking with modern décor.

This breathtaking candle holder gives off an antique vibe because of its metallic tone, however the marble like base says eclectic and modern. The good thing about these pieces are that anyone can sport them, no matter what sort of décor trends you follow at home.

This looks like a simple white tray until you decide to take a closer look when you see the very delicate, but very beautiful details all over. The metal handle is like the cherry on top which makes it easier to move around. Use this as a tray for desserts, as a centerpiece with potpourri, or as your key tray on a console table.

Although this is vase, you do not necessarily need flowers to garnish this because of the alluring sheen it exudes. The non-symmetrical shape makes it the perfect piece to stand on glass side tables in your living room, or a vase on your dresser.

The broad size of this metallic tray makes it perfect for when you have to serve a lot of people, but makes it equally great for arranging goodies. A collection of white pillar candles on a background of this ashy metallic and textured tray on your coffee table makes the perfect and most comfortable reading atmosphere.

These glasses in pairs of threes are normally kept on their own in corners, but if you want to style these differently do not hesitate to float some tea lights, pour in some potpourri, and if you want to get extra creative, use them as succulent planters.

Elegance Redefined

We have all had our Downton Abbey moments, wishing we could live in castles and sip tea out of what seemed like bejeweled tea cups. While we cannot always live like royalty, we can surely dine like one with these tableware.

These gold tea cups do not only look exquisite, but will make you feel like royalty too. When not in use, these simply look like jewels sitting on your shelves.

This elegant dinner set lets you take peaks at these dancing horses while you enjoy your meal. Although the whole set is pretty simple, it is the clever use of color, design and picture that makes this set stand out from your average dinner set.

This drink set is almost too pretty to put to use with its sharp cuts and gold designs. If you are looking for a truly exceptional party drink set, this should definitely make the list.

While a lot of us tend to decorate pieces like these with floating tea lights or flowers, we would recommend otherwise for this special piece, which deserves center attention, purely on its own. Gold and blue create an elegant and unbeatable combination, and the dancing horses only make it better.

Crystal Clear

No matter how much we turn to colors or deigns, there will always be something truly unique and pure about clear crystal tableware. It is super versatile and goes with all sorts of decorations and interiors, food looks great on the beautiful sparkly background, and the clear glass does not add visible weight ti any space. 

Your average clear jug, except with sharp cuts in the bottom to make it stand out from the rest of your glassy crowds.

The perfect glass is more than just the material, it is the shape and the way it curves, the height and how easy that makes it to hold the glass. Al of this together creates what we call a proper glass, and this clear set clearly fits the definition. (No pun intended)

Small changes are the ones that matter, and are the ones people notice the most when showcased properly. With proper attention to detail, these pieces will definitely add some summer glow to your home.

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