A Spellbinding Show

On the magical evening of 5th March, House of Ahmed and Bibi Russell conjointly put together a quintessential and glamorous fashion show: Magical Threads Runway 2021 at the Radisson Blu Water Garden. The event was assembled in honor of 50 years since Bangladesh’s independence to artistically express the intertwined legacy of threads and the vibrant history of our country.

Although Bangladesh is a powerhouse for high-quality apparel manufacturing, the hand-woven tales of our homegrown artisans barely gain any recognition. The collaboration helped to shed some light on the matter and give exposure to a dying sector that upholds the heritage of our motherland. House of Ahmed, known to nurture the local artisans, exhibited their latest collection of ethnic, vivid and contemporary handwoven fabrics at the show. The collection is deemed worthy to compete in the international market and promises to highlight the hard work and creativity of generations of artisans deep-rooted in our culture. The iconic Bibi Russell made a glorious return after a decade to showcase her traditional works of ‘Gamcha’ featured ensembles which beautifully represents tales and traditions of our country. Bibi Russell is not only a renowned fashion designer and UNESCO goodwill ambassador and artist for peace; she is also the founder of Fashion for Development and continually works towards sustaining the valuable art form of our craftspeople.

Sunsilk, MTB, Radisson, FB Footwear, Enchanted and Farzana Shakil combined forces with them and worked as a team to celebrate 50 years of Bangladesh through Magical Threads. The occasion was an experience for the audience to truly understand how something as basic as a thread can be magically transformed into the attire of intricacy, creativity and fine distinction.

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