The Rise of Travel Groups

Who doesn’t love to travel? And the quest for travelling with the right companions has led to the formation of groups that go on trips together. Nazifa Tasnim of Colors Plus talks to a few of the travel enthusiasts to find out more about their thirst for exploration.

At least travellers know travelling changes, someone, physically and psychologically. It has a higher impact on one’s mental health if s/he isn’t used to going out of their comfort zone. So, while travelling most people look for more fun that they can share with a kind of like-minded people.

The Beginning

Most of these groups are formed on social media platforms where the founders create private groups and invite their friends and acquaintances from where through word of mouth the name of the group spreads. Sometimes the founding members of these groups collaborate with related brands and influencers to promote their groups.


In the majority of these groups, they arrange both domestic and international trips. The moderator or admin of the group shares a detailed travel plan and package to which interested members book their seats. One of the administrative members of these travel groups always accompanies the members on trips.

“It gives me a sense of freedom. Earlier when I wanted to visit certain places, my plans had to align with other family members or friends as in Bangladesh, travelling solo is not that safe,” said Ishika Khan, a third-year undergrad student and an active member of a renowned female travel group. “Now because of these groups travelling has become much more convenient. They make all the arrangements, so it reduces the hassle that one has to go through but most importantly it creates a community for travel fanatics.”

Challenges and Way Out

When asked about the main challenges faced in organizing trips, Md Nabid Hasan, CEO and Founder of TourVenture, said, “Trips are usually planned around holidays and all destinations are crowded at that time. Taking advantage of that situation, the locals’ also increase the prices; therefore everything must be booked and paid in advance – that is risky! There is no guarantee that spots will be filled up. Food quality in remote locations is also another issue. Moreover, sometimes we face problems in getting local permission to travel to isolated places.”

He added, “Different people have different needs and opinions. Problems arise when you plan the same trip with everyone, certain things must be customized. At the beginning of the trip, there is an icebreaking session and everyone is made acquainted so that no one feels lonely or uncomfortable.”

“The more services a group can provide, the more its reputation will grow. Traveller’s preference should be given importance. We must cater to their needs as relationships with travellers go beyond one trip.”

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