When the West Meets the East

The Royal Bengal Atelier is the coming together of the old and the new. A slotting of the West with the East. Le Méridien acts as the vessel to display Royal Bengal Atelier, which aims to host the finest designers Bangladesh possesses. The event spanning from 5th March to 13 May 2021, will allow the concept of Pop-up stores and the scope these stores have.

Le Méridien aims to move away from the quintessential festival and exhibition approach and took the decision to host 40 of the most exquisite designers and brands from across the board, like Chantily by Selina Nusrat, Zubaida Faiza Clothing, Salmina Rahman Couture, RulMaker Shirts, Lil Star, Zaar, Viola, Rose by Nizhu, and other exciting names that will make their presence felt by the end of the event.

The pandemic has ravaged many small and medium designers of the fashion industry and Constantinos S. Gavriel, General Manager of Le Méridien, believes that giving these creators a platform to revitalize them is important. “To contribute to the society, we feel we should support the Bangladesh fashion industry. We emerged into this initiative as a part of our CSR campaign. We will provide all the facilities to the fashion enthusiast who will participate in this project.

This is a tribute to the Bangladesh fashion industry on behalf of Le Méridien Dhaka. Further, to focus more on the upcoming International Women’s Day celebration, we encourage women entrepreneurs to be a major part
of this project.”Afra Anjum, Director, Best Holdings Limited (The owning company of Le Méridien Dhaka) mentioned, “Fashion world has prominent significance in the world.

Bangladesh has a rich and diverse culture of clothing Tasnuva Islam, Director, Best Holdings Limited added, “Women designers find themselves most challenged and intrigued. The industry demands the vision to see beyond what is already there and the ability to see market trends. Unlike popular belief, women-empowerment in the fashion industry is growing viciously. To show appreciation, we have given priority to women fashion designers for this project. We are very excited to sponsor history. Its deeply rooted heritage is thoroughly reflected our venue for this exclusive project.”
in its textile. So, we would like to celebrate and showcase this beautiful culture in a very vivacious way.

We are extremely delighted to organize these events which will showcase the creativity of the fashion designers.”

With COLORS Magazine as the Media Partner for Royal Bengal Atelier, COLORS Plus will enable much exposure needed for both the event and the women fashion designers and brands, that would be the ones running the fashion industry in the long run.

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