The “no-makeup” morning

Face: Thanks to the unforgiving heat paired with humidity, it’s wiser to keep it simple and fresh in the morning. Investing 15 minutes of your time massaging the face with a cool cucumber slice and then washing it off with a light face wash will give your face a natural glow. Once you’re done, dab the face with a towel and wait few minutes so your face is completely dry. Hydrate the face with lots of moisturizer (better if it’s oil free) and apply a generous amount of sunblock. If you have never used primer this is the time when you should get started. Primers are protein-infused fluids that smoothens the face for easy makeup application. It is great to hold makeup for hours and is best worn under makeup. Tinted BB creams are my favorite for the morning since it gives sufficient coverage but is subtle enough to give a natural look. Use little concealer on acnes, red spots or dark circles if you have any. Don’t forget to set it in with a loose powder if you have oily skin.

Eyes: First prime your eyes too so that your eye shadows does not crease. If your eyelids are slightly darker you could apply some concealer followed by translucent powder to set it. Since the idea is to keep a no-make look, bring on your nude palette and apply your favorite color. If you happen to own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes you don’t have much to worry about. But if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, I hear the Morphe eye shadow palettes are trending. Thin layer of winged-eye liner would go hand in hand with this look and draw a brown kohl pencil on the inside of the lower lash line. Also make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed however. However, don’t go too overboard. Remember making it seem effortless is the key here. Finish the eyes with a single coat of mascara.

Cheeks: Cream blush formula are known to stay longer than powder blush. Use a peach or a light brown shade and blend it really well. Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes is one of my absolute to go products and its super for regular wears too. Remember to use blush-ons sparingly, or you could even go bare cheeked.

Lips: To finish off the look, apply your favorite lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized. If you have pigmented lips and you’re not happy with them, choose a colored lip balm that’s not too flashy but will give your lips a natural washed color!
Hair: You can back comb the hair and tie it in a loose ponytail and allow it to rest on one of the shoulders. If your hair is really curly, you could even blow dry it to get a straight, but not flat hair. But before you use any heat, apply tons of heat protectant sprays. Blow drying lotions work great too.

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