Tasmit Afiyat Arny: A Cultural Trailblazer on the Fashion Stage of Qatar

In a groundbreaking event, Bangladeshi fashion designer and art director, Tasmit Afiyat Arny, proudly showcased the rich culture of Bangladesh on the glamorous stage of Qatar for the very first time. The Be DESHI fashion show, hosted by his fashion house, Stride Fashion Way, marked a momentous occasion in Qatar’s fashion scene. As the CEO and designer of Stride Fashion House, Arny took it upon himself to curate every aspect of the show, from model training to show planning, guest invitations, backdrop design, and even the music, sound, and lighting.

Held in the captivating atrium hall of Education City, Qatar Foundation, in collaboration with the Bangladesh Embassy and Qatar Foundation, the BE DESHI Fashion Show was a celebration of Bangladesh’s cultural heritage, masterfully translated into modern and chic fashion creations. The term “BE DESHI” holds dual meanings, signifying “foreign” in Bengali and “domestic” in English, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the show.

Arny’s vision for the fashion extravaganza was to introduce Qatari residents to the beauty of Bangladeshi fabrics such as Jamdani Nakshikantha, Rajshahi silk, and Gamcha, crafting exquisite products tailored to suit the needs of the people of Qatar. He believed that by blending these traditional fabrics into contemporary designs, he could showcase the cultural richness of Bangladesh while contributing to the country’s economy.

Throughout the event, guests were awestruck by the extraordinary collection, which included stunning ensembles like Rickshaw Plastic skirts, elegant Jamdani wedding dresses, and garments inspired by illustrations from the Liberation War. Each model graced the runway wearing Arny’s innovative rickshaw-painted sunglasses, leaving the audience mesmerized by the fusion of tradition and modernity.

As a gesture of appreciation, every chair at the event was adorned with small desi souvenirs, including Nakshikantha, Jamdani, and rickshaw-printed bookmarks, beautifully showcasing the essence of Bangladeshi culture.

Notably, Tasmit Afiyat Arny has previously represented Bangladeshi culture at various prestigious international pageants, showcasing designs like Miss Universe Bangladesh’s Rickshaw Hood, Miss Culture Worldwide’s National Dress Plan, and his own wedding dress. With a passion for celebrating his country’s heritage on global platforms, Arny has been a cultural ambassador through his creative expressions.

A graduate of Dhaka University’s Graphic Design Department, Arny’s journey as a fashion designer and art director spans 12 years in reputable advertising agencies. Through the BE DESHI Fashion Show, he aims to give back to his beloved country while presenting the world court with the richness and beauty of Bangladesh’s local culture.

Tasmit Afiyat Arny’s trailblazing efforts have set a precedent in the fashion industry, fostering a bridge between cultures and paving the way for future collaborations between Qatar and Bangladesh. Her commitment to preserving and showcasing the heritage of Bangladesh through his fashion creations continues to inspire and uplift both fashion enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike. She extended a special thanks to Gulf Bangladesh Business Association, Abdul Matin Social Welfare Foundation, Green Red Studios Event, and Rosher Hari for the hospitality and event management support.

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