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IPDC appoints Rizwan Dawood Shams as its first-ever AMD

IPDC Finance Limited has appointed Mr. Rizwan Dawood Shams as its first ever Additional Managing Director (AMD) who was previously serving the company in the role of Deputy Managing Director (DMD) recently.

Shams has 18+ years of experience in relationship management, product development, team development and risk management. He joined IPDC on November 1, 2007, as Senior Manager under Corporate Investment and played a pivotal role in transforming the organization over the years with increasing responsibilities.

Under his exemplary leadership, the Corporate Business portfolio grew more than 6 times over the last 5 years. SME department was reshaped while focus points shifted to nationwide CMSMEs. Supply Chain Financing (SCF) was introduced at IPDC through him in 2012 and now IPDC holds more than 50% of Bangladesh’s total SCF market share. Concentrating on digitization and changing the business world, major strategic initiatives were introduced, such as the first-ever blockchain-based supply chain finance platform in South East Asia- ORJON and AI-based retailer financing platform-DANA have been developed under his prudent governance. His expertise and direction on treasury operations ensured exponential portfolio growth. Through his judicious expeditiousness, IPDC’s NPL is also one of the lowest in the market through efficient recovery and collection mechanisms.

Before joining IPDC, Mr. Shams worked for GSP Finance, Habib Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in numerous strategic positions. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Victoria University of Melbourne, Australia, and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from North South University. His professional career is decorated with numerous awards and notable professional accreditation from home and abroad.

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