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HAVAL-New Generation Suvs

Ace Autos has recently exclusively introduced into the Bangladesh market family SUVs at the most affordable price point. Alvia Zaman Shristy from Colors sat down with Azharul Islam, the Chief Executive Officer of Ace Autos to discuss what values the brand new Haval 6 and Haval Jolion will add to the existing market here in Bangladesh.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) popularity remains on the rise. Only 6 years ago, SUVs surpassed the sales of sedans for the first time globally. In recent years, they have outsold sedans in a 2:1 ratio. Their rise to fame can be credited to their excellent functionality and utility.

China is home to the largest automotive industry in the world, both in terms of demand and supply. Haval has been the most selling SUV manufacturer of the country and placed 5th in terms of worldwide sales, outselling even BMW, Mercedes and Mitsubishi SUVs. They specialize in manufacturing premium vehicles with the best features and technology.

Asian families tend to be larger in comparison and these vehicles can easily accommodate them and then some. Who would not opt for comfortable, practical and safe cars for their family? Keeping this in mind, Ace Autos have recently introduced two brand new Haval SUVs in the Bangladeshi market. They are the Haval Jolion and All-New 3rd Generation H6.

Azharul Islam, the CEO of Ace Autos said: “The new Haval models are sure to win the heart of car enthusiasts of the country, Family SUV Haval will give you unparalleled dropping experience. Let’s experience the latest innovation in the automotive industry” at a virtual launching ceremony held at Tejgaon in the capital. He also explained Haval’s latest highly intelligent L.E.M.O.N global modular platform that offers high performance, high safety, lightweight technology with high strength steel which is the same as what is used in submarines. They are the exclusive distributors of Haval SUVs in Bangladesh. Yan Hualong- minister-counsellor, Deputy Chief of Mission at Embassy of China in Dhaka along with Rupali Chowdhury- Managing Director, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited was present at the launch. Ariq Ilham, son of the CEO of Haval Bangladesh shared few features of Haval Jolion and 3rd Generation H6.


The Haval Jolion can be best described as a medium-size family SUV. It has been designed by ex-Range Rover design head Phil Simmons and engineered by former Lexus-Toyota chief engineer Suguya Fukusato.

At first glance, the car gives off a premium outlook. The car has a contemporary design with sporty diamond-cut 18’’alloy wheels that makes heads turn. The LED headlights as well as tail lights used are futuristic and make the car highly visible, hence increasing safety. Further, for safety, it has also got AEB, blind spot assist, and rear-cross traffic assists as well as six airbags including one between the two front seats and more.

Haval Jolion is equipped with a 360-degree camera featuring 4 HD cameras. The rear cross-traffic alert with the use of radar sensors on the SUV prevents drivers from reversing into cars by alerting them when vehicles are detected from behind. The design of the interior can be said to be beyond luxurious, definitely value for money. Packed with luxury seating and equipment, this car surpasses expectations. The huge leather seats meet spatial demand and provide excellent head as well as legroom. There is a super large space at the back dedicated to storage, making the car even more family-friendly.

The new Haval Jolion SUV comes with a 1.5L four-cylinder turbocharged engine that sends 148hp and 220 nm to the front wheels. It features seven-speeds Dual Wet Clutch Transmission which ensures seamless gear changes, coupled with fuel-saving technologies. The lighter mechanical structure highly enhances driving dynamics. It has features of a luxury SUV such as a panoramic sunroof which adds wellness to the cabin and a sense of the outside world. Complete with Apple Car Play & Android Auto, F1 style paddle shifter and adaptive cruise control- this power-packed vehicle has already garnered over 5 million sales all over the world.


The H6 is a sporty mid-sized SUV that combines a strong, rigid body shell with sleek curves that attract attention from all angles. The bold grille instantly identifies the H6 with HAVAL’s strong design DNA. The design concept has once again integrated futurism, making the car sophisticatedly elegant. Its vivid body proportion sets it apart from other SUVs in the market.

Powering the new Haval H6 is a 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged engine that sends 230kW and 320 Nm to all four wheels. The vehicle has been developed under Haval’s highly intelligent L.E.M.O.N. global modular platform that boasts high performance and safety. Its minimalist interior makes room for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as wireless charging along with 4 high and 4 low tone speakers and a 12.3-inch ultrasmart touch screen.

The car is loaded with safety features like adaptive cruise control, front collision warning, automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning. The H6 has received the first C-NCAP 5 stars rating. The C-NCAP evaluation includes four tests: 100% front impact, 40% front-impact, side-impact and Whiplash. With different directions as well as different angles of the impact involves strict requirements for vehicle safety performance. The All-New HAVAL H6 achieved scores of 16.74/16.66/18/3.51 in the four evaluations respectively. As the All-New HAVAL H6 is equipped with the front seat safety belt reminder, side and curtain airbags and ESC device, it achieved 3 bonus points, giving it a total score of 57.9.

All in all, it can be said that Haval has made excessive efforts to ensure safety on this particular vehicle in addition to its futuristic design and tech-savvy interior. The car successfully lives up to the brand’s core value: “Buying HAVAL means to buy a safer SUV”. Haval H6 has acquired reputable stature in terms of being a family vehicle all over the world.

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