Breaking into Your Grandma’s Closet

If you have not noticed already, fashion trends have a way of coming back and right now it is delving into our grandma’s closets for inspiration we cannot get enough of. Do not worry these pieces will not age you, but when done right these pieces have the power to make one stand out. Anisha Hassan gathers all the pieces you should be looking for in your grandma’s closet, or maybe even buy brand new ones which have flooded stores today.

Not only do these keep your hair in place, they look great while doing it.

Dazzling Hairpins
A thing of the past we used to call them, hairpins are an accessory most of us have not gone back to since we were probably 10 years of age. However if you remember closely, women would always sport funky hairpins even after their teenage years, and that is the very trend that has made its way back. Chunky, large and glammed up hair pins are all over the place today and can be seen on women of all ages. They are a fun way to add a bit of funk to your outfit, and keeping your flyaways in place is definitely an added bonus. From a saree to your blazer, you will find a beautiful hairpin adds a nice touch, definitely not something we would call childish anymore.

A little on the nerdy side, but more so this look by Lacoste is crisp, clean and super Dandy.

Dandy Sweater Vests
What used to be considered a polished look in the 1800s was also one of the nerdiest outfits in high school. But the sweater vest knows its place and is now considered anything but un-fashionable. We have the cropped sweater vest for high-waisted pants, the slim fit for skirts and many more types today to compliment different styles and bodies.

Nothing says comfort like funky socks peeking through your sandals.

Ugly Socks
For most of our lives we have dreaded the thought of wearing socks that show, and eventually turned to ankle length socks or slip-on paddings to avoid showing any sign of a sock. However today we see socks of crew length being worn without hesitation, and frankly sometimes even showed off with shoes and even sandals. Although an unconventional style, we must say it is growing on us, and is a great way of saying that comfort is what we seek today over everything else.

Squared Shoes
Another testament to comfortable fashion, square toed shoes were once seen as “old man shoes”, but is seen on pretty much every person today regardless of age or gender. Besides letting your toes free from the stress of pointed shoes, these roomy pairs have a tendency to make any outfit look a bit more formal, polished and retro.

Celine creates clean silhouettes in their monochrome oversized blazers.

Oversized Blazers
When we say oversized we mean oversized in every way. But don’t worry you won’t get buried in it. The key to styling oversized anything is keeping the certain fitted points in your outfit which creates the illusion of a structured figure. One can opt for skinny jeans, but if you really want to stay true to your retro style, we suggest loose pants as well. Simply remember to tuck in your tee shirt and have a nice belt on which accentuates the waistline, because this is what creates the attractive silhouette we all strive.
At the end of the day trends are simply what we choose to bring back, and most of these styles are a result of that. From seeking convenience to comfort in our everyday lives, we have brought back the very styles we would fail to wear at one point of our lives. We deserve a pat on the back, and a new closet full of comfortable clothes that will make our grannies proud.

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