Maximizing Style and Comfort with Maxi Skirts.

While looking for the right wardrobe the one combination we often try to collect is comfort and style in one. It is not easy, but definitely doable. With people giving more and more important to the comfort factor every day, the fashion world is evolving to incorporate these factors styles, and one of the beautiful creations have definitely been the Maxi Skirt. Anisha Hassan calls it a piece of wardrobe that suits every person, compliments every body shape, and can be worn in hundreds of different ways in every weather no matter summer, autumn, rain or winter.

Pleated skirts with heels create the best fairy-tale twirls.

Pleated Dreams
Pleated skirts are one of the first kinds we know back from school, and we love them till this day just as much. Being one of the most fun form of skirts that does a little twirl with every step we take, heavy pleats are back again. While some come in solid glossy finishes, some in a classic checkered print, either ways they all exude an equal form of elegance. These look best when paired with any form of high heel, monochrome blouses and heavily accessorized.

Good Ol’Denim
Great for the colder months, long denim skirts create a strict silhouette which is complimented by cropped t-shirts or tucked in shirts so as to highlight the firm waistlines. Because of the material it is not always great for the summer, but as fall hits be sure to bring out your favorite piece. Finish off the look with a pair of hardcore ankle length boots for a complete grunge look.

The hot weather calls for these sheer maxi skirts that have the charm of long skirts while being airy and light.

Going Sheer
Slightly sheer maxi skirts are seen a summer survival piece for they are lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable and allows air flow. These are usually worn with quarter or knee length tights and paired with lightweight wedges for a tied together look. Although the fabric makes it summer friendly, these can be easily worn during winter with full length trousers.

Body-con maxi skirts are an old classic which create a sleek and elegant outlook perfect for the evenings.

Lustrous Satins
For the time you want your maxi skirt to go the extra mile to a dinner party or to replace your evening wear, go for satin or glossy finishes and a bodycon shape instead of flowy. A classic white shirt tucked in creates a timeless combination, and if you are feeling chilly, an oversized blazer to top it off. Throw on a pair of stilettos and you are good to go.

We can never quite get enough of florals, but if you want to tone it down a bit, a crew neck white tee with matching sneakers should do the trick.

Everyday Florals
Florals are a print that we will always go back to for comfort wear no matter what is trending. Floral long skirts are more than a wardrobe staple, they are a must-have. For everyday, casual wear opts for fabrics like linen or cotton which will provide the best comfort. They need no name nor occasion but are perfect when paired with any solid blouse and a pair of ballet flats for a feminine outcome. Combinations like these that quench our thirst for fashion yet prove to be super functional and flexible are what we thrive for. An all-season fashion piece with equal parts style and comfort and a hint of femininity is what describes the maxi skirt just right, making it a wardrobe staple we could all use.

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