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The wedding season sets in. And it’s the same old ceremonies in community centers again. Even though the couples who want to do something different, they find themselves circling back to the same routine. But, for the ones who really want to break the cycle, there is a new trend in town, destination wedding.

For those who don’t know what it is yet, destination wedding is basically when you and your guests go out of the city and stay for a few days, or till the reception. It’s not like we don’t know anything about destination weddings. Bollywood films and shows are filled neck deep in gorgeous,

extravagant scenes of them. That usually gives us the idea that they are extremely expensive. Sadat Bin Naser, founder and CEO of the event planning company “Grasshopper” assures us otherwise. According to him, the cost is pretty similar to what we pay for usual weddings. He also says, since the guest list decreases drastically for destination weddings, the cost sometimes drops below the usual price tag. You do need to give much more time on the planning part in this case. It takes about 3-4 months of planning to finalize the location and decoration. So, if you are planning on getting hitched in January or February, now is the time to run to a good event planner.

Now, even though in the Bollywood films we see glamorous locations like mansions and palaces as the chosen destinations, we can’t expect that here. The locations are usually the various luxury resorts all around Bangladesh. The whole resort or a part of it is booked for a few days. You have to book months ahead to make sure all of your guests have a place to stay. The best part of booking such a large place is, you get variation in your ceremonies. They can be arranged in the huge halls, on the field under the open sky, or the roof. You might be thinking of where you will get a parlor or salon in the remote area, or how secured will the place be. The planners have a solution for that as well. A team of hair and makeup artists stay at location to serve the guests.

A security team also constantly stays with the guests, along with the planner and his/her team. The planner and his team usually go to the location at least a week before all the guests to make the process easier and to make sure the stay is comfortable. The only problem people might face is trying to cut the guest list. It is pretty obvious that you can’t arrange a destination wedding of 1000 guests. The price will be sky high and no place would be able to accommodate so many people. So choose wisely and only invite close relatives and friends. 50-100 guests are a good number. If you are worried about the ones who you will not be inviting, throw the reception party after coming to Dhaka. But, I can promise you that the ones you will be calling will become a close-knit family. Since all of you will be staying away from the hustle bustle of the city, you will get more time to bond. Another great thing is, the parties can last all night since you won’t have to worry about going back home! All in all, destination weddings are a great option and you should definitely consider it if you want your wedding to be very memorable and super special.

The wedding season is finally here! This is the time we go out and get the fanciest outfits and get ready to slay on the most awaited weddings! So, I’m here to ease the whole slaying process. Because we all know that it takes some serious effort. My favorite place to shop for the men is Manyavar. Easily one of the best stores in Bangladesh for men! The panjabis and sherwanis there are very good quality and looks really classy. The price range is slightly on the expensive side but you will get your money’s worth. Rina Latif is another designer you must check out if you want to spend good bucks. Her style is chic and classy and you are sure to stand out in the crowd. Wherever you shop from, your style needs to be on point if you want to look great. Go for dark rich colors or the palest colors depending on the occasion or the color code. If a bachelor’s party is on the list, pick something casual. The idea is to look great and laid back. My favorite look for a bachelor’s party has to be a crisp white shirt with sleeves rolled up, pair of black chinos, tied together with a sporty watch and tousled hair. Choose something fun and colorful for holud. The material should be airy and light. Ditch the sherwani and choose a Panjabi. Weddings call for dark and rich colors. Pick a rich maroon, a navy blue or a bottle green Panjabi. Don’t forget to jazz up your wrist with a cool watch! Receptions are usually more formal. So, you are better off suiting up. Dark suit with light shirt is a classic combination, but if you feel like changing it up a little, just invert the order! Pair a light blazer with a darker shirt. If you are wondering where to get a suit that has been tailored to perfection, I hear Zurhem is wonderful.

Now for my lovely ladies out there, I would start out with Rina Latif! Her collection is phenomenal. Saree and kameez alike are wonderful and classy. If you are wearing Rina Latif you don’t have to worry about fading in a crowd! For lehengas try Style sell. Their collection is gorgeous. The lehengas are not for the fainthearted though. They are heavily embroidered which in turn makes them very heavy. But if you do wear one you’ll look like a princess for sure! And we can work a little hard for a few hours, right? I know I can! Lastly, we all know about the tried and tested Zara. It’s a known fact that their collection is great. So, go check out these places and get something that is going to make you shine! The colour selection is pretty similar to men. If you have to attend a bridal shower or hens party, you can play around with the colours. It all depends on the theme of the party. If you are going for a grungy sexy theme, definitely pick something dull and dark. Knowing me, I would surely pick out a black or navy evening gown or saree if that’s the theme. If the theme is more feminine, pick a pastel rose gown or saree. The jewellery should be light. Pick something colourful and airy for holud. Dark and rich for the wedding is a go to. Marrons, blues, greens and golds are what you want. For reception, go for pastel shades with hints of gold or silver detailing.

Keep the jewellery on the down low, and limit it to simple dainty pieces with one statement piece. With such extravagant clothes, it’s best to only wear a statement ring. Play around with the blouse of your saree or your lehenga top. Asymmetric necklines are here to stay and so is the cold shoulder. Halter necks would look great with both as well. Strap on your favourite sky highs and get ready to own the world! Well, at least the wedding.

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