Go Ethnic this Wedding Season

Floral chandelier, red and blue lights sparkling all around the hall, tuneful melody on clarinets, luscious layered cake, mehndi night, beautiful bride and handsome groom- all these images are intricately linked with wedding. And wedding season is on its way! I am pretty sure that you all have heaps of ideas playing in your mind. What tops the list of a perfect wedding is the jewellery of the bride. Dear ladies! Are you planning to glam up yourself with ornaments this time that will complement your refined personality?

We suggest for ethnic ornaments. You might be cozy to avoid all the hustle and bustle of malls and prefer doing online shopping. At the same time you might not find any reliable store over there and find yourself into a bit of a mess! Hold your breath on and fear not at all! This article is here to introduce you with two of such social media pages that offer you the desirable graceful glance with their consummate artistry. Glued Together is one of the renowned pages on social media which is working passionately to represent style statements for all gorgeous ladies out there. The owner Ahmed Mehnaz herself is an architect and despite of being a full-time job holder, she is poising herself into designing jewellery “out of love and passion”. In each piece of art, she blends her sophisticated knowledge of style and tries creating “fusion of traditional and funky patterns” that definitely adds a flavour of vintage look on anybody.

Now, when it comes to adding a personalized touch to your wedding ensemble, consider exploring Glued Together’s collection for a stunning personalized name necklace. This unique piece not only enhances your elegance but also adds a sentimental touch to your special day. Ahmed Mehnaz’s artistry extends to crafting personalized pieces that capture the essence of individuality, making your wedding jewelry truly one-of-a-kind. So, as you embark on this journey of wedding preparations, don’t forget to check out the exquisite collection of personalized name necklaces to elevate your bridal look with a touch of personal charm.

She affirms strongly the quality of her handmade items for her customers. She says, “I maintain the quality of the metal used in jewellery to such extent that one can pass it over to her daughters and even grand daughters”. Nabila Nishat, a much satisfied customer admires the page for having “versatile amazing innovative designs at its best”. She also labels their service as “excellent”. Another client Sumaiya feels that the collection in GT is of “very traditional and desi look” and she recounts, “this is the best place to find the ornaments that remind you of those worn by your grandmother and great grandmother”.

Glued Together is trying to make you as well as your day glamorous and wishes you to experience royalty with their handmade artistic ornaments. Another page which is going hyped for their classic arts is known as D Style Factory. It is such responsive a group that has been getting appraisal from its customers from all over the country since the day it started its journey. Hasan Rifat, the owner is an enthusiastic artist at a level next who left her job in Dubai and settled down in Bangladesh to win the hearts of jewellery lovers here.

This page has diverse collection along with idiomatic taglines as “Shuknopata”, “Mirage”, “Gontobbo”, “Chondromukhi”, “Borshar Ratri”etc that meticulously reflect Rifat’s poetic soul. With her inventive mind she values her clients’ emotions & joys attached to their ornaments- thus attempts to portray her incessant flow of crafts on her library of jewellery. She says, “D Style Factory is always ready to cater a stylish elegant look with their unique ideas and designs for all age groups of women”.

Ahmed Nazma, another happy client from this page got overwhelmed after receiving her ordered ornaments. She exclaims, “the ‘Jhorapata’ and ‘Kabbo’ that she have are much more hypnotic than those are shown in pictures.” Besides she is in love with their “super fast service” and their “positive attitude”. The products found here are the archetype of the combination of modern space and traditional culture.

The young and promising jewellery artists here are committed to give you the classiest look with their ethnic artistic skills and make you stand out amongst each and everyone around you. Then what are you waiting for? Go, type the page name, get the most engrossing ornaments and twist yourself with the lovely pieces of love! One more thing, if you are up for any give away, I dare say that nothing would be more marvellous than these pieces of art as complementary gifts.

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