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The Mind Behind the Magic – In Conversation with Goutom Saha

From humble beginnings with barely any experience in design or fashion, Goutom Saha has carved an extraordinary path to become the undisputed stylist virtuoso of Dhaka. Today, he reigns as the crownless king of editorial fashion in the local media world.

Goutom Saha, clicked and retouched by Rony Rezaul. Location: Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan

Reflecting on his unexpected rise, Goutom reveals, “I always had a creative spark inside me, but never imagined I’d one day lead as fashion editor for the nation’s most coveted magazine. My journey is a testament to the faith entrusted in me by ICE Today and the constant support from veteran designers, makeup artists, and models who believed in my potential.”
Tracing the evolution of the local fashion scene over the past five decades, Goutom notes, “Our fashion landscape has transformed remarkably – from desi motifs to haute couture and trendy street styles. The market expands vigorously each day; we’re merely witnessing the beginnings of a remarkable new era.”
He pays homage to the rich legacy of iconic designers like Bibi Russell, Mahin Khan, Reena Latif, the late Sharukh Shahid, the late Emdada Huq, Shaibal Saha, and Biplob Saha, whose influence continues guiding today’s designers in design sensibilities, fabric choices, and artistry.
Brimming with optimism about the future, Goutom believes emerging technologies and abundant opportunities can catapult local fashion to even greater heights. He envisions a vibrant fusion of street fashion and retail brands adding allure to the market, with special mention of Aarong – a pioneering lifestyle brand that has been an inspiration.
On the craft of styling, Goutom asserts, “I’m no pretender. My work reflects the knowledge I’ve absorbed working alongside renowned designers and artists at home and abroad. While embracing the richness of Bengali culture, I create styling that harmonizes traditional elegance with a modern edge.”
Noteworthy for honoring traditional motifs, Goutom’s styling – from saree draping to jewelry arrangement – bears his distinctive stamp. Despite his illustrious achievements, he maintains a grounded perspective, sharing, “Bengali culture with its grandeur has been my eternal muse. I’ve never felt the urge to seek inspiration elsewhere. Styling countless models only reaffirms my joyous return to my roots, where each new creation unfolds into a uniquely bewitching work of art.”
Goutom Saha seamlessly transitioned into the realm of cinema as the costume director for two iconic Bengali films from West Bengal, ‘Shesher Kobita’ and ‘Ei Tow Prem.’ In these cinematic masterpieces, he skillfully infused his profound love for Bengali heritage and culture, elevating the narrative to a poetic crescendo. Reflecting on the challenge of encapsulating Rabindranath Tagore’s immense influence on screen, Goutom nostalgically remarked, ‘It was undoubtedly a daunting task to translate the essence of Tagore and his profound impact into visuals. Yet, I poured my heart into this job as a costume director, and the result was not just appreciated but deeply loved by all.”
Reflecting upon the new generation of models, Goutom appreciates the praise he’s received across three generations of talent. He notes the changing landscape, where today’s models enjoy far more support and encouragement than their predecessors, fueled not just by passion but also the lure of social media fame.
“Models like Emi, Ruma, Isha, Riba, Asif Azim, Azim Uddula, Nibir Adnan Nahid, and Raz Mania set towering standards without the abundant backup today’s models rely on. The sheer passion driving those veterans is now supplemented by the temptation of instant social media celebrity. With greater resources for wellbeing, today’s models must aim higher,” he urges.
However, Goutom rues the lack of a single decent agency connecting local models with global brands even after 52 years. “It’s disappointing that even after 52 years, we lack a proper agency to showcase our talent on the world map. Yet I remain hopeful the younger generation will find their true calling and illuminate the global stage,” he says.
As for his journey, Goutom proclaims, “I’ve dedicated my life to fashion and revel in the art it manifests. My goal is to continue serving with passion until my last breath.”

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