LoveGen: designed in Spain, produced in Bangladesh

LoveGen is a fast fashion brand that is designed in Spain and produced in Bangladesh. LoveGen aims to feed the inner fashionista of the youngsters who are into music, social media, adventures, and high-street fashion. Despite being a fast-fashion brand, LoveGen is setting the standards to produce apparel in the most sustainable way. 

The brand is primarily denim-driven, offering an exceptionally wide range of denim bottoms for both women and men. Another strong suit of the brand is the chic, funky collection of denim jackets. Among other denim apparel, they provide women’s jeggings, skirts, and dresses. They also produce quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, etc. The newest addition to their collection is their unique, beautiful sequin range- including tops, dresses, and jackets. 

The brand aims to cater to adventurous youth. LoveGen apparel is inspired by high-end street fashion, allowing its customers to express themselves through clothes for every occasion. The products they offer are fun, fast, and fabulous- letting the wearer set trends in a digitally immersed world. The design studio for LoveGen is set in Spain, and there are four outlets in India. Wearing LoveGen feels like an international fashion experience! 

LoveGen is also a front-runner in eco-friendly production. While most fast fashion brands are being criticized for impacting the environment negatively, LoveGen is a prime example of exploring and sustaining environment-friendly ways of production. They use natural dyes for their denim products, as well as 100% organic cotton without using harmful bleach and acids for washes. Moreover, they use minimum energy & water to reduce their footprint on the environment.

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