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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner a lot of first dates will take place. The firsts are always the more exciting and thrilling, meaning you want to impress. But since “red” has been done a hundred times over, why not opt for a less worn color. Anisha Hassan suggests a set of options Valentine’s Day is knocking on the door, and we all know what that means. New found loves and blooming relationships, which all eventually boil down to a first date. There is excitement and exhilaration, joy and nervousness, you await the day hopefully yet are very anxious. We get that a first date can be a little overwhelming, but when on Valentine’s Day and you are surrounded by yet a hundred more couples, the pressure to look and feel perfect can definitely get to you. Red comes to the mind, when we think of an outfit for the 14th of February, but unless you want to blend in with every other couple surrounding you, give other unorthodox colors a chance for change.

A monochrome palette for a strict silhouette, and a dashing red lip to steal the show.


You don’t have to show up in all red to prove you erceness. Simply remember to ll your lips in one. Since that is out of the way, the rest of the outt should match in a way to highlight your lip color and make it stand out, and no combination does it better than a classic black and white. From something as simple and easygoing as a black pant and white top, to a powerful white suit with a black button down, anything goes, depending on how you are feeling for the day. Both combinations will have the subtle pallet of black and white with an accentuating lip color. If you want a bit more red, throw on a stiletto, but nothing over that.

This gorgeous print has turned back time and is once again a style staple, so incorporating at least one piece can ensure that all eyes will be locked on your outfit.


Other than being a resurfacing trend, animal prints are a great way to make a statement and can denitely be the condence booster you are seeking for your rst date. Although not anticipated, but if the weather is chilly, an oversized faux fur coat can nicely get the job done of keeping you warm and condent. row it over your shoulders for eect if the weather takes a turn. It gives the impression of a broad structure that coincides with condence and poise.

A subtle way of letting him know how well you shine, is a blinding metallic dress.


One clever way to avoid red along with the rest of spectrum is to head straight towards gold, silver, copper or any other metallic hue. Silk is the fabric to look towards since it will hold up the shine of the metallic tones in a subtle yet rened way. Metallic tops pair well with black pants, or if you are leaning more towards a dress, strappy heels will give the outt a touch of the late 90s, a timeless combination.

Sophisticated, yet flirtatious is what describes a nice feathery dress, just the perfect combination you would want on a first date.


Feather has this irtatious touch to it while being elegant, just the balanced combination you would want on a rst date. If you want to show o your bright and fun loving side a neutral dress with bright feathers would add the right touch. However if collected and shy describe your personality more, deeper tones like purples and blues would add to the mysteriousness, in a good way of course. Do keep feathers to a bare minimum, otherwise your outt might start to resemble a bird costume.

Oh-so-casual, yet oh-so-charming, is what describes a relaxed flowy maxi dress.


While some women like to sport a feminine and collected outlook, others prefer a bold take when it comes to how your date perceives you. Leather, as we all know is one of the boldest options there is, and although men might be the ones seen wearing it more, women can denitely join the bandwagon as well. Full body leather body cons, skirts with matching leather jackets, or leather two pieces can denitely make you feel strong and bold like cat woman. Dinner dates call for black leather, and day time means lighter shades like browns.

A polished sleek suit is synonymous to a bold and feminine character, both of which go great with the first dinner.


On Valentine’s Day or not, most rst dates seem to be a dinner appointment making the evening a bit formal. So your casual outts like denim and crop tops are best put aside for now. If you are heading in straight form work, a pair of sleek trousers and a blazer would suce with a pair of low heels in a feminine silhouette like the kitten heels. Have some ne jewelry stacked away that you can swap on right before your date and a mini perfume to cut the work stress.If you do decide to go for a full change of outt or have the time to do so, nothing beats a nice black dress. Heavier fabrics like velvets and silk and strict outlines is what you should be aiming for a stern yet elegant and polished look.


Chion maxi dresses with strappy at sandals and a pair of big sunglasses to hide your overwhelming expressions. Lunch meet ups are usually casual and laid back, but since it is still a rst date and you might seek that little oomph, maxi dresses would give you that balance of femininity and laid back in one. Patterns add a certain playfulness to these long over owing dresses, and add-ons like tassels and frills make it even more fun. Baby blues, canary yellows and lime green are a few bright daytime hues that would complement such dresses while making your outlook bright and fun-loving.

Whatever color, pattern or cut you end up going for, just make sure it shows who you really are. Do not try to dress to impress only, but also to showcase your personality and highlight your own charm. Bottom line, do not dress like Cinderella if your inner self screams cat-woman.

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