A Youthful Take on Work culture

An elemental and core ingredient of an outstanding company is its culture, which not only shapes the company’s persona but also deals with its most important facet – the employees. It outlines the working conditions, forges a unique psychological environment, and molds the employee morale. As Dhaka city now abounds with young talents begetting a new era of entrepreneurship, this piece by Nusrat Noshin features three exceptionally creative agencies in Dhaka, shedding light on their respective company cultures.

Purplebot Digital
Talk with your work, work with your heart

Purplebot Digital is a relatively new player on the digital media turf, but its entrepreneurs mean business. They have a snowballing clientele and an impressive portfolio of successful projects – a feat that could not have been possible without the aid of a well driven and energetic team. Ayman Rahman Arghyo, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, breaks down their core culture and what keeps their team motivated.

The entrepreneur emphasizes the importance of communication skills. “We have a culture that encourages professionalism in the interactions of employees. They interact with each other, with clients, and with members of the public. Thus, all employees are representatives of a family who exhibit our values in their many interactions.”

Respect and a sense of belonging also play a crucial role in forming the bond among the employees of Purplebot Digital. “Though it might sound clichéd,” Ayman continues “we do believe that we are a family. We value people above everything else because at the end of the day, they are all we have. And we try to do anything and everything at our disposal to ensure we give them the respect they deserve.”

As it is said, a good company nourishes their employees with care and appreciation, but a great company nurtures their minds and fosters their personal growth. The entrepreneur added, “We always seek ways to promote our employees’ growth, expression of ideas, and work satisfaction. An atmosphere of appreciation and recognition for the contributions is an effective start. We try to recruit and retain employees with the 3 Cs – capable, committed and caring.”

Ayman also shares with Colors a sliver of the struggles in managing a cohort of young employees. “The biggest challenge in working with a group of enthusiastic youngsters is keeping them motivated.” He says, “Young people tend to lose their gusto very quickly. Showing them the bigger picture and making them understand where they fit in, is a simple way of tackling this issue.”

Magnito Digital
A friendly atmosphere with lots of fun and zero gender bias

Magnito Digital attributes its unconventional office culture to one of the main driving forces of its success and team building. Bagging an ever-growing number of awards and accolades – both national and international. HR Officer Syeda Nafisa Noor imparts how their company culture has worked its magic. 

Respect does not come with age or rank, but with work and dedication’ – This is the ideology Magnito Digital follows. Nafisa says: “We exercise a flat culture. There is no honorifics like “Sir” or “Boss” here. We ensure easy access to our top management.” She terms it as an attractive attribute of Magnito’s office. She thinks, a flat culture promotes job enrichment to young jobholders, enabling them to learn and take the lead of their work.

Agencies are (in)famous for being abuzz with activities that oftentimes stretch into the afterhours. “We have recreational activities like indoor games, board games and yoga. That’s how we maintain a fun and vitalizing environment at our office. Moreover, on Thursdays we plan surprises for our employees to keep them thrilled and excited for the weekend.”

She continues. “Our unconventional working style and stress relieving diversions improve our productivity. We have flexible working hours; if you’re done for the day, you can simply leave. Work-life balance is an important factor of job satisfaction.”

When it comes to creative flow behind their compelling marketing game, this is what Nafisa had to say. “Sometimes it’s hard to manage young employees. They inherently have a lot of energy but Magnito’s culture seeks to convert it into our strength. Fresh minds liberally conjure unique, quirky ideas and innovative schemes. We make it our cultural imperative to encourage them.”

Analyzen Bangladesh Limited
Diverse and vibrant. Everyday is a celebration. Also, work

As the company synopsis goes: “No fancy office, no cool interiors, Analyzen is always proud of only one thing: The people of Analyzen. It is a flat structured organization; each individual of team Analyzen, from Senior Planners to the Office Support staff, is known as an “Analyzer” and they do not have abbreviated long corporate title.” Flaunting one of the biggest client bases in Bangladesh, Analyzen Bangladesh Ltd. has an impressive repertoire. The Account Director Syed Kamrul Ahsan, tells Colors a few tidbits of how they have created a workspace that not only harnesses creativity and productivity, but keeps the employees engaged.

Iterating their “all for one, one for all” attitude, he says: “Workspace culture is the core energy for everyone here at Analyzen. We’re not just a group of professionals who work for the company interest. We are a family who look after each other and constantly discover the joy of working together.”

Ahsan goes on to disclose their secret to conquering the digital marketing scene of Bangladesh. “Our retention rate as well as productivity is high. We are a close knit group who consider Analyzen as our extended family. We put heavy emphasis on loyalty and trust. This has helped put our company on the map as a forerunner in the creative agency space. We work here with great pride, as a result, and aspire every day to top new heights.”

With youngsters still fumbling with life and figuring out their career goals, it is testing to keep those high retention numbers. Ahsan walks down that line and breaks down the challenges Analyzen has faced with their employees thus far. “The biggest challenge is cultivating the agency lifestyle among our employees. Our work can be demanding and can often invoke disruption in their social life. When recruiting, we try to ensure that our next hire is up for the challenge.”

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