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How architecture influences the value of life in a home

Esteemed Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto once said, “Architecture belongs to culture, not to civilization.” Since the dawn of civilization, human life and architecture have been evolving in a symbiotic relationship accommodating stories that mediate human knowledge and world culture.

Centuries ago, ‘home’ was the place to fulfill any individual’s functional needs. But with the development of modern architecture, the role of the home has been revolutionized along with our lifestyle. Now we are far beyond the days of one-room cabins or structures held together with mud and straw. We have shifted from survival mode to modern comforts. Today’s design motto is more about providing its inhabitants with a sanctuary that entertains along with nourishment, fellowship, and comfort. The main design principles of modern-day architecture not only reflect progress in science, health, and social equality but intend to help these ideals thrive in structures. 

With the evolving residential trends and interior solutions, newer concepts are emerging continuously to adapt to our living and working environment. Among these, contemporary architecture gives one a more fluid, smart, and relaxed living ambiance. Addressing minuscule details, such green building practice incorporates natural energy with leading technologies. While maintaining the aesthetic of a space, high-end solutions are being introduced in residential architecture to improve functional needs. However, one aspect that has been common in embracing state-of-the-art architecture is ‘sustainability.’ This philosophical design approach reduces negative environmental impact while, to an extent, preserving natural resources, meeting the users’ needs, and improving the quality of life. It also features the efficient use of energy and resources and promotes the use of renewable energy. With the change of time, for such considerations of both the occupants and the environment during design and construction, there is also a rising demand for sustainable design from homeowners more than ever before. Hence architects are constantly pushing their creative boundaries to turn one’s daily living into a pleasure.

While designing living spaces, the function remains an architect’s top priority. But there is no denying that looks set the tone for what you find within. Along with an opulent and ultra-luxury outlook, there is now a greater demand for health, nature, sustainability, and natural lighting and ventilation. Nature has never been appreciated as much as it is today. The home is now where we spend the majority of our time and live life, not just present it. As a result, contemporary architecture is now conceived to be as sustainable as it is aesthetic. Choosing conventional materials, such as stone, wood, and even bamboo, are hallmarks of such design. Designers are artistically blending multiple natural materials to push the ambiance. For example, incorporating natural lighting helps to reduce energy consumption and bring out the home’s beauty with improved air quality.

‘Sustainability’ is becoming a necessity rather than industrial terminology since consumers look at factors like natural ventilation, solar power, and water harvesting while buying a house. It creates stunning looks and allows our bodies to follow a predictable circadian rhythm.

Take Sohela’s Mir Crescendo as an example of such energy efficient zero carbon building. This eight-storied residential complex is one of the flagship projects of Mir real estate- limited. Comprising seven deluxe apartments, the stunning building is located in the heart of Baridhara. While keeping the modern home interior in mind, the building is designed to maintain balance, harmony, comfort, and calmness of mind. Its spacious rooms allow affluent fresh air and natural light promising the utmost pleasure and peace. It can be said that because of its well-planned energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, improved indoor air quality, and noise level reduction capacity – its inhabitants will enjoy a sense of contentment. Along with its breathtakingly beautiful features, apartment dwellers will enjoy healthy and aspirational living due to those natural factors. Undoubtedly this is the ultimate luxury.

The demand for spacious yet minimalist sustainable homes is rising in Bangladesh as well as across the world. With continuous technological advancements and transforming lifestyles, architecture is still evolving against all the backdrops and will continue to do so. Hence the constant demand for more sustainable homes will increase with time. So undoubtedly sustainability is the key to the future of the built environment.

Musharat Yeasmine Aunanna
Mir Real Estate Ltd.
Email: [email protected]

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