Break Your Fast/Saoum with Holiday Inn Dhaka City Center

Embrace the Spirit of Ramadan with an elaborate spread of Iftar with Dinner, Weekend Suhoor, Takeaway iftar, and iftar party at Holiday INN Dhaka City Center

To commemorate Ramadan, Holiday INN Dhaka City Center celebrates Ramadan Iftar with a vast range of buffet Iftar with Dinner and Suhoor offerings. With “curated and unforgettable buffet Iftar with Dinner and Suhoor packages, guests can celebrate with friends and family within the comfort of their or enjoy curated dining experiences in our restaurants within the promises.


Buffet Iftar and Dinner at Attitude will have authentic flavours from the Gulf of Arabia and Asian Traditional Iftar and Weekend Suhoor (Thursday and Frinday), and guests can enjoy a wide selection of specially-curated iftar followed by dinner. The hotel invites guests to share the ceremonial breaking of the fast with family-friends at the buffet restaurant Attitude, where they can enjoy a large selection of traditional Ramadan delicacies inspired by local, Asian and Gulf of Arabia inspired cuisines, like Mutton Haleem, Chicken Haleem, Traditional Beef Nehari , Kebab Station, Beef Koobideh Kebab, Mutton Adana Kebab, Afghani Chicken Tangri, Main Course, Lamb Quzi Rice with Nuts, Mutton Mughlai Akbari, Chicken Noorjahan as well as a wide variety of delectable gourmet desserts like Baklava, Kunafa, Katayeb, Al Sarariyafor will be there both Iftar dinner and weekend Suhoor. There will be a collection of fresh seasonal juices. An exclusive collection of dates & nuts surrounds three different minor stations.

Buffet Iftar and Dinner price is BDT 6,5000 net per person (Weekdays) and BDT 7,000 net per person (Weekend). Weekend Suhoor (Thursday & Friday) BDT 4,000 net per person. BOGO available for selective bank cards.


Apart from all traditional Iftar with dinner Buffet and weekend Suhoor spread, takeaway iftar is also available at Holiday INN Dhaka City Center which is as follows:

Takeaway Box for Two persons at BDT 4,000 Net.; for Four persons at BDT 6,500 Net.; and for Six persons at BDT 10,000 Net. BOGO is applicable with selected bank cards.


For the Ramadan Sweet Treat gift box for the high corporate and officials, Holiday Inn Dhaka City Centre has prepared a few options, which are a Classic box at BDT 3,000 net and a Platinum box at BDT 4,000 net.

Experience the true meaning of Ramadan in Dhaka’s most enchanting venue and add the essence of elegance with enriching Iftar offerings at Holiday INN Dhaka City Center.

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