The return of Mila

On a short visit to Dhaka, Mila Hossain works for Eid and catches up to become Color’s cover model, writes Muhammad Towhid

It had been over two years as Lux-Anandadhara 2000 super-star; Mila Hossain works in the showbiz world in Dhaka this Eid. She had been working in full spirit in New York and paid a 20 day visit to Dhaka to make another mark in the fashion industry. Work was what she could not leave these days, shooting for a drama, a commercial and becoming our cover.
The all-time trendy Hossain was as usual classy in her style.

Returning to this industry, she expresses how she feels the same excitement and anticipation that she has always felt. But she did point out some changes in the industry. She says, “There has been a shift in the media industry as social media usage became more popular here and numerous smart phones are coming in these two years. Models, doing TVCs also are no longer confined to that particular genre; instead, almost everyone has spread into other entertainment career pursuits.

However, I feel that young models need to be more sincere and passionate while I still believe sticking to one platform is better for [producing] quality work.” Coming to her own example she says, “I have changed from being a model to acting in dramas but the shift was never frequent. When I was a model, everyone knew me only as an established model,” adds Hossain. As a note on technology she shares, “producing a TVC has changed a lot. Before, it used to take over seven days to make just one TVC, but now, due to the advancement of technology, the process is much faster. Instant changes can be made and after feedback, rapid changes can be made to speed up the process. Our commercials are classy globally and I would request people with proper education and fashion sense to continue in this industry.” The superstar had always loved to keep her personal space but she is active on social media and updates her fans from New York. In New York, she is exploring offers to work in serials and also planning to write her own thoughts, maybe as a book. Dressed in casuals, Hossain has been clear in voicing a message for the upcoming young stars of the industry, “If you can’t carry it, don’t go for it.”

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