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Surrounded by the family business, Samit Hassan was inspired by his father’s dedication to being successful. From an early age, he developed the curiosity to learn how to serve people and he noticed how it can be attained through the business his father built. Arka Dev Biswas Deepra writes about how this family business became an industrial juggernaut through the leaders that lead SLG.

Samit Hassan– Director of Silverline Group.

From curious young one to the Leader
“I found business as a way to give back to the community, as my father would be able to help society. Something that others in full-time employment were unable to.” This made Samit Hassan to learn the ropes on how to give back through the business his family built. Mr. M A H Salim, current Managing Director, initially wanted to establish a knitting company, however, realized that woven items would be better as these require solid dyeing, weaving, and finishing. Since all these operations are done by different sectors, Silver Line Group secured a way to combine all these under one roof. Samit Hassan, Director, learnt the Silver Line way through accompanying his father and brother and has made the organization successful through sheer tenacity. He contributed ideas from market research and through family association, becoming the most successful business in Bangladesh. Silver Line Group has also represented Bangladesh in one of the biggest fashion marketplaces in the world, Magic LAS VEGAS, USA 2019, showing that the sky is the limit for SLG.

State of the Market
Given the global conditions, Bangladesh is viewed as one of the more active textile producers, relative to other regional competitors. The market dynamics help SLG to work on competitive production procedures, prices, and other aspects. One of the goals that SLG hopes to achieve is fulfil the high demand in of the textile market. SLG intends to grow its own raw materials to make the process reliable and cost effective for its customers. Conducting experiments to grow high-quality cotton, is a step in the direction to achieve that goal. The only action that remains is to implement home grown plantation and to simultaneously maintain their consumer coverage. The organization pays great attention of its effects mass production on the environment and so aims to implement more green-tech. Strategizing on effluent treatment plants (ETP) to ensure that the wastewater is safely recycled and reused in as many ways possible. Sustainable use of natural gas is also a part of the green initiatives it aims to fulfil. Giving back to the community through reduced carbon footprints, the visions that the company embodies through and through. 

Samit Hassan & Mehdi Hassan

Inspiring the Youth 
As leader in business, Samit Hassan opens up on what every aspiring entrepreneur must keep in mind. “It is essential to conduct the required research before embarking on any business, to avoid surprises of each sector.” He speaks of how it is important to test the waters before committing to anything. It helps to minimize risk, as well as lead to a better experience on an individual level. Knowing what and how the market functions is something that is essential to be successful. In these scenarios, one has to be prepared for all kinds of challenges and what can be the best way to deal with them. It is essential to remember for those looking to start a business, determination and persistence will make the biggest difference. “If you want to succeed in the business world, you must be ready to take risks and work extra for your ambitions.” What should an ideal leader embody for him? “Successful leaders are defined through their character, that enables them to stay in charge and be an effective leader.” He goes on to say that compromising circumstances require a strongminded and confident leader. To make that one decision that will result into the organization to be benefited more, because of fine decision making at the top. Whether it be a commercial business decision or a family-related decision, the decision should be thought through. Over the years, Samit Hassan has learnt multiple valuable lessons while being in this industry. “My career is of high purpose and has taught me a lot of lessons. It has taught me how one should conduct themselves when it comes to running a family business. Most family businesses fail due to the lack of formality and personal issues coming in between the smooth sailing of operations. You should not take things lightly, especially when it comes to differentiating business and family.” He insists that one should not allow the business to separate one from their family, and that the two should be run independently.

Samit Hassan And Team

Samit Hassan managed to attain his career goals at a young age due to his persistence and willingness to learn from the already experienced individuals. “My greatest challenge was to form a reliable team, as I was more used to the idea of a family team. Many employees that we began operations with, left the organizations as they did not feel appreciated enough. Given a chance to go back, I would ensure that every individual felt comfortable in their positions. Promoting meritocratic performances and ensuring the organization grew with the team that began it all, leaving no one underappreciated.” Business is challenging, but once you achieve the goals you strive for, it bears the sweetest fruits for anyone. Being a prominent businessman, Samit Hassan still indulges in the smaller things in life that gives happiness. “One of my major passion was, and still is, cars. When I was a kid, I always had this fascination for fast race cars. I use to talk to my dad about how I would want to have a factory in Bangladesh and turn my car into the fastest car,” he said. The big dream gradually got lost in the shuffle as he grew up, but the drive for cars is still there. The ambition to make his fastest care however, still lingers and lives on in him. Given the tremendous heights he has reached till now; in time his businessman acumen may lead to him making fast cars for Bangladesh. Something visionary leaders and entrepreneurs are capable of with sheer desire and drive.

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