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Empowering Change: Meet the 2023 Female Local Presidents of JCI Bangladesh

JCI, a global leadership development platform catering to young individuals aged 18-40, is on a mission to offer transformative leadership opportunities that enable youth to catalyze positive change. With a presence spanning more than 120 countries worldwide, JCI plays an integral role in Bangladesh, boasting a dedicated membership of over 5,000 individuals ardently committed to molding the nation’s future. In alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), JCI Bangladesh undertakes a multitude of projects designed to foster sustainable impact. This article sheds light on the accomplished female Local Presidents of JCI Bangladesh, each of whom has pledged to dedicate their tenure in 2023 to serve and uplift their respective communities.

Samiha Akhter: Empowering Transformation

Samiha Akhter’s presidency at JCI Dhaka Cosmopolitan in 2023 has been a beacon of empowerment and change. Under her leadership, the organization launched groundbreaking initiatives, driving transformation in the community.

Rise on Wheels: Samiha initiated this signature project, providing five vans to underprivileged families in Dinajpur in collaboration with the Sidrah Foundation. These vans generated monthly incomes of TK 9,000 to TK 10,000 for the families while instilling a sense of commitment through a TK 1,000 monthly fee.

Rise on Threads: Samiha extended empowerment to Dinajpur’s women with “Project Rise on Threads.” This initiative equipped two unemployed women with sewing machines, training, and materials, offering income opportunities while accommodating household responsibilities.

Project Anonnya: Collaborating with Shaathi Bangladesh, Samiha’s team distributed menstrual kits to 130 girls at Shantibabh High School. These kits included eco-friendly pads, underwear, and soap, accompanied by informative sessions on Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) management.

Inclusive Leadership: Despite the challenges of being a new mother and leading a 61-member organization, Samiha embraced her role. JCI Bangladesh’s inclusive culture, fostered under her leadership, ensured equal access to leadership roles for men and women, emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities.

Samiha Akhter’s presidency is a testament to the power of dedicated leadership, leaving an enduring impact on the community and redefining empowerment for all.

Syeda Sabera Arefin: Inspiring Leadership for Positive Change

In 2023, Syeda Sabera Arefin took the helm as the Local President of JCI Dhaka Imperial, fueled by a profound passion for making a positive impact within her community. Her leadership has been defined by a commitment to transformation through impactful projects.

Grow with Shrooms: Under Syeda’s guidance, 25 farmers were trained in mushroom farming during this groundbreaking project. It served as a bridge between urban knowledge and rural progress, unfolding in August 2023 at Borobaria, Bagerhat, even in the face of challenging weather conditions.

Hygiene Drive 2.0: Syeda’s vision extended to “Hygiene Drive 2.0,” a project designed to instill social responsibility in children through communal cleanliness. Held at Sher-e-Bangla Girls School and College on August 31, this initiative achieved a remarkable 25% increase in hygiene maintenance. It involved interactive education, practical training, impact measurement, and a solemn oath-taking closing ceremony.

Beyond the impactful projects, Syeda took an active role in supervising member development programs and nurturing future JCI leadership. She fostered cross-chapter collaborations and dedicatedly participated in national events, providing essential resources to ensure operational excellence.

Leadership and Empowerment: For Syeda, leadership transcends titles; it’s about guiding and influencing outcomes, uniting groups to achieve what they couldn’t accomplish individually. It’s about actions and impacts, not just positions held.

Empowerment, in her view, is the key to unlocking potential. It’s about enabling individuals to make decisions and equipping them with the tools and resources to reach their full potential. As a leader, she champions an environment built on trust and open communication, where team members feel valued and heard, and, as a result, take ownership of their work and strive for excellence.

At JCI Dhaka Imperial, these principles of leadership and empowerment are the driving force behind all endeavors, a commitment to fostering positive change within the community. Syeda Sabera Arefin’s leadership serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that it’s not just about holding positions; it’s about the actions we take and the impact we make.

Rabeya Nasir Ovi: Pioneering Change Through Leadership

In the year 2023, Rabeya Nasir Ovi assumed the role of Local President at JCI Dhaka Young, bringing with her a vision of transformation and empowerment. Throughout her tenure, she has championed initiatives aimed at uplifting lives and driving positive change within her community.

Ushno Bhalobasha 2: Under Rabeya’s inspired leadership, JCI Dhaka Young embarked on a heartwarming journey to an old-age home. They organized a special event filled with warmth, featuring shared meals, soulful songs, heartfelt conversations, and a celebratory cake-cutting ceremony. Beyond these heartwarming gestures, funds were donated to support the medical and health needs of the elderly residents. This initiative wasn’t just about providing physical care; it was a testament to spreading love and compassion to those who often feel neglected, leaving an indelible mark on all those involved.

Clean BD initiative: Rabeya Nasir Ovi’s commitment to environmental stewardship manifested in the “Clean BD” project, a multifaceted endeavor encompassing district-based cleanliness equipment distribution, dust cleaning programs, and plastic recycling efforts. The goal? To create a greener and cleaner Bangladesh. Together, Rabeya and her team are dedicated to positively impacting the environment and securing a brighter future for the nation.
Empowering Women: Central to Rabeya’s leadership is the unwavering commitment to empower women. Through a series of events and workshops, women were equipped with the tools needed for personal growth and skill development. These initiatives tore down barriers and promoted equality, striving for a society where women could thrive alongside their male counterparts.

Project Crisis Management Challenge 2023: Grand Finale: One of the most ambitious projects under Rabeya’s guidance was the Crisis Management Challenge. This event placed a spotlight on young talents as they tackled real-world issues, from economic crises to cyberbullying and gender-based violence. It showcased the power of the youth in addressing pressing concerns of the modern world.
Rabeya Nasir Ovi’s vision for JCI Dhaka Young in 2023 is built upon the idea that lasting change begins with even the smallest steps. With her dedicated team, they’ve embarked on a journey characterized by compassion, empowerment, and innovation. She takes immense pride in their accomplishments and looks forward to the boundless possibilities ahead. Together, they continue to make a resounding impact, inspiring others to join their mission of creating a better, more inclusive society.

Sharmin Hossain: Leading with Empowerment

In 2023, Sharmin Hossain assumed the role of Local President at JCI Dhaka Diplomats, a momentous responsibility fueled by global and societal concerns. As part of the global JCI community, she felt the weight of responsibility toward a world grappling with poverty and illness.

Founding JCI Dhaka Diplomats: Sharmin took decisive action by founding JCI Dhaka Diplomats in 2023 and becoming its Founding President. This formidable task involved pivotal decisions, approvals, fees, and board selection—a testament to her leadership.

JCI as a Catalyst: Her journey from JCI member to Founding President highlights the transformational influence of JCI as a leadership platform. It empowers individuals to unlock their leadership potential.

Empowerment and Leadership: Sharmin envisions a direct link between empowerment and leadership. Empowered individuals can become leaders, igniting a cascade of leadership. She also advocates for women’s empowerment to foster diverse and inclusive leadership.

Project Smart Energy Solution: Her commitment translates into action through “Smart Energy Solution,” a project by JCI Dhaka Diplomats. This initiative promotes clean cooking via a Biogas program in rural areas. Utilizing organic waste, it offers an eco-friendly, cost-effective energy solution. With an ambitious target of benefiting 100 families, Sharmin exemplifies leadership creating tangible change.

Sharmin Hossain’s tenure as JCI Dhaka Diplomats’ Local President embodies leadership that empowers and acts for positive change. Her dedication aligns with the core values of JCI—a global force for leadership and empowerment.

Raisa Naser Khan: Championing Empowerment and Leadership

In 2023, Raisa Naser Khan stepped into the role of Local President at JCI Dhaka Uptown, embarking on a journey to empower and uplift her community. Her vision took shape through “Project Komol,” a JCI Dhaka Uptown initiative focused on women’s empowerment. From distributing sanitary pads to comprehensive menstrual hygiene checkups and cervical cancer screenings, the project is making a significant impact across various districts in Bangladesh.

Empowering SMEs: Raisa and her team collaborated with approximately 300 SMEs, orchestrating events to promote their growth—an impressive endeavor aimed at bolstering local businesses.

Tackling Domestic Violence: Recognizing the dire need for support, Raisa launched a project addressing domestic violence, extending assistance to both males and females who suffer in silence. The initiative also partnered with Shinasa Health Care to provide free relationship counseling, offering a lifeline to those in need.
Leadership Beyond Age: Raisa’s journey within JCI Dhaka Uptown began in 2021 as a general member, fresh from her graduation at UWTSD. Her early experiences in community service paved the way for her entrepreneurial venture in event management. Today, she serves as the youngest Local President of JCI Bangladesh, a position that comes with its own unique challenges.

Age and Leadership: While her age sets her apart from many JCI leaders, Raisa believes that leadership transcends age and gender. It hinges on the ability to motivate and empower others. Her leadership style centers on creating opportunities, recognizing potential, and providing equal chances for all to contribute to society’s betterment.
Empowerment through Equality: For Raisa, empowerment equates to equality. She acknowledges the various biases that individuals face due to age, gender, race, and more. These biases often impede people from realizing their full potential. However, when equality prevails, and judgment is set aside, barriers disappear, and the sky becomes the limit.

Raisa Naser Khan’s tenure as JCI Dhaka Uptown’s Local President is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowerment and leadership, demonstrating that age and gender are not barriers to creating lasting, positive change. Her vision aligns seamlessly with JCI’s mission to empower young people to create a better world.

Jannat Ara Mukta: Illuminating Lives Through Leadership and Empowerment

In 2023, Jannat Ara Mukta assumed the role of Local President at JCI Dhaka Premier, embarking on a journey dedicated to bringing positive change to her community. Her vision crystallized through “Pather Phul School – The Flower of the Streets,” a project in collaboration with SWAPNOCHAYA. The endeavor aimed to fulfill the unmet aspirations of roadside children by illuminating their lives with the light of education. Instead of being referred to as “Tokai,” these children would proudly be known as “The Flowers of The Street” (Pather Phul). The project successfully provided education to 15 children from 50 families residing in the Malibag slum.

Empowering the Third Gender: Another remarkable project, “3rd Gender Health Care, Let All Lives Live,” was completed in partnership with Praava Health and Onabree Foundation. This initiative extended basic health checkups to 200 third-gender individuals in Khilgaon over six months, a community often deprived of these fundamental rights. The project encompassed free doctor consultations, partial test fees, and home sample collection, offering essential healthcare services to underprivileged third-gender individuals and ensuring their well-being.

From Member to Leader: Jannat Ara Mukta’s journey with JCI dates back to 2017. After six years of dedicated service, she founded the Local Organization JCI Dhaka Premier. In her view, leadership didn’t begin with her presidency; it was a continuous process of learning, growth, and excellence. For her, leadership entails perpetual advancement and ensuring that those around her have the same opportunities to flourish.

Empowerment through Opportunities: Having experienced empowerment throughout her years in JCI, Jannat Ara Mukta emphasizes that empowerment means providing equal opportunities. Without opportunities, growth remains elusive. Her belief in opportunities as the cornerstone of empowerment underscores her commitment to fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

Jannat Ara Mukta’s presidency at JCI Dhaka Premier is a testament to her unwavering dedication to leadership and empowerment. Her vision aligns seamlessly with JCI’s mission of empowering young individuals to create a better world, demonstrating that leadership and empowerment are interconnected forces that illuminate lives and inspire positive change.

Ishrat Sharmin Shimu: Fostering Empowerment and Leadership for Positive Change

In the role of 2023 Local President at JCI Dhaka Dynamic, Ishrat Sharmin Shimu has embarked on a journey of community development, healthcare advocacy, and personal growth initiatives. Under her leadership, a diverse array of projects has been launched, each aimed at making a meaningful impact on society. These projects encompass a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from organizing blood donation camps, providing free health and eye checkups, mentoring young professionals, promoting fitness and mental well-being, to extending support to individuals with disabilities.

Ishrat Sharmin Shimu actively assumes leadership roles within these projects, playing a pivotal part in their planning, execution, and successful realization. Her dedication to these causes underscores her commitment to fostering a positive transformation within her community, while also inspiring and empowering others to follow suit.

A Journey, Not a Destination: For Ishrat Sharmin Shimu, leadership is not merely a destination to reach but an ongoing journey. She believes that empowerment entails sharing this journey, particularly for women who have historically been underrepresented in boardrooms, workplaces, and public spaces. While anyone can be a leader, she acknowledges the undeniable challenges that women face in various aspects of life, from their careers to their homes and even in public spaces.

Empowering Women: Ishrat Sharmin Shimu envisions a world where proactive efforts are made by all leaders to empower women. She hopes that these collective endeavors will pave the way for more women to assume leadership roles, breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

In her role as 2023 Local President, Ishrat Sharmin Shimu exemplifies the spirit of leadership and empowerment. Her commitment to addressing societal challenges and promoting the inclusion of women in leadership positions serves as an inspiration for others to join the journey toward positive change and empowerment.

Sanama Faiz: Leading the Way with Vision and Impact

A Vision of Giving: Leadership that Transforms: In 2023, Sanama Faiz assumed the role of Local President for JCI Dhaka Metro. As an advocate of leadership that prioritizes giving and self-improvement, she believes that effective leadership can boost the self-esteem of JCI Dhaka Metro members, empowering them to excel. The primary goal of JCI Dhaka Metro, under her leadership, is to nurture leaders who work collectively to improve society continuously.

Of Members’ Bonding: Sanama and her board members have developed hands-on leadership strategies aligned with JCI’s global vision. They aspire to cultivate the next generation of leaders capable of actively addressing societal challenges. Initiatives like the “Metro Fun Run,” a monthly event fostering member bonding through physical activities, demonstrate their commitment to this goal. Member’s Day Out, another upcoming event, combines leisure and training.

Setting the Mind: The Local President has organized various training workshops, including sessions on “Personal Branding” and “Entrepreneur’s Mindset,” targeting university students and members. Their project “Smart Bin” involves collaborating with Dhaka schools to educate students about hygiene. Another project, “পথের বিশ্বকাপ,” aims to offer underprivileged children a day of entertainment and sports, instilling values like discipline and teamwork.

Youth & Wellbeing: In addition to these initiatives, JCI Dhaka Metro is planning a startup fair to showcase the talents of youth. They’re also working on a “Clean-up Drive” project that raises hygiene awareness and collaborates with street cafe vendors and the public to manage waste, in partnership with a German cleaning equipment company. Sanama Faiz’s leadership exemplifies a commitment to creating positive change within the community.

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