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Melodic Odyssey: Biplob Saha’s ‘O Amar Nondini’

Biplob Saha, a fashion icon and designer extraordinaire from Bangladesh, is on a creative exploration journey yet again! His latest musical endeavor adds another jewel to his crown. Saha’s newest tune, “O Amar Nondini,” is striking a chord with folks who grew up loving 80s and 90s music. Saha really put his heart into this song, hoping it’d tug at the heartstrings of Bengalis everywhere. He sees it as more than just a tune; it’s a vessel for precious memories that he hopes will touch everyone who hears it.

And it’s not just about the music! The song’s video takes you on a beautiful trip, showcasing the charm of Barisal, called the Venice of Bengal, and the breathtaking scenes of Kuakata, a much-loved beach in the country. Throughout the video, you’ll catch glimpses of these stunning places, adding an extra layer of emotion to the music.

The creative process behind this musical gem is quite impressive! Recorded at Tanpura Studio, the song is a result of a collaboration between Biplob Saha and the talented lyricist, composer, and arranger, Mani Zaman. Their combined efforts have birthed a piece that truly resonates with the essence of Bengali memories and culture.

Biplob Saha with the models of the music video

The song’s release was nothing short of grand, showcased on the official YouTube channels of Bishwarong and Biplob Saha. With its beautiful melodies and captivating visuals, “O Amar Nondini” invites listeners on a musical journey through the heart and soul of Bengal, weaving emotions and beauty into every beat and frame.

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