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Corporate Mavericks Unleash Sartorial Excellence: Fiero x Mohammad & Sons Collaboration

Embarking on a sartorial adventure like never before, three young and vibrant corporate mavericks joined forces with suit connoisseurs, Fiero, and renowned watch retailer, Mohammad & Sons. In a groundbreaking collaboration, these style-savvy individuals donned exquisite suits and adorned their wrists with timeless timepieces. This unique photoshoot captures the essence of their individual style mantras, where classic sophistication meets contemporary flair. Stay tuned as we delve into their distinctive journeys through fashion and unveil the elegance that lies within the union of fine suiting and horology.

Arif Mohammad: Navigating Fashion and Elegance

Arif Mohammad is the CEO of Technomagic Pvt Ltd, a leader in animation, game development, and emerging tech in Bangladesh. He is a Director at Olympia Bakery and Confectionery Pvt Ltd, known for top-quality treats and also the Vice Chairman at Olympia Holdings, a rising real estate player in Bangladesh. 

Setting the Style Tone

When it comes to fashion, Arif is drawn to individuals who exude a refined sense of style. He leans toward formal and semi-formal attire, even on weekends, opting for smart casuals when heading out. For him, the key is comfort and confidence, ensuring that his outfit suits the occasion and his personal comfort.

Playing with Colors

Arif’s versatility extends to his color choices. He embraces vibrant shades on upbeat days, sticks to a monochromatic palette for office hours, and explores darker hues for parties. However, his heart belongs to lively colors like emerald, pink, and royal blue, with royal blue emerging as a top favorite.

Fashion Evolution and Androgyny

Arif acknowledges the shift toward greater fashion diversity, even among heterosexual men who now embrace bolder colors like pink. He reflects on how modern men enjoy a wider array of fashion choices compared to their ancestors. When it comes to experimenting with daring colors like Barbie pink, Arif is open to the idea, provided it complements his overall look.

Fashion Accessorizing

Arif’s approach to accessorizing varies with the occasion. In formal settings, he opts for shirts with cufflinks and ties, carefully choosing which element takes center stage based on his intentions for the day.

Selecting Suits and Fabrics

Arif appreciates the aesthetics of suits, occasionally favoring a tailored and fitted style while opting for standard styles at formal events. He enjoys experimenting with lapel sizes, from larger lapels to trendy pointed ones. When it comes to fabric, high-quality wool, especially from brands like Zegna, holds his preference. Arif’s suits often take shape from fabrics brought back by friends from their international travels, crafted by skilled tailors.

Guiding Young Fashion Enthusiasts

Arif advises budding fashion enthusiasts to embrace minimalist fashion, emphasizing that expensive clothing or prominent brand labels are not essential for dressing stylishly. He highlights the importance of affordable, harmonious clothing choices that convey one’s fashion sense effectively.

A Watch Collection of Elegance

Arif shares his love for watches, including timepieces from Hamilton, Tissot, and Omega. His collection features diverse styles suitable for various occasions, reflecting his appreciation for both elegance and functionality.

Arif Ahmed’s journey through fashion is a testament to the art of dressing well with versatility, confidence, and a touch of individuality. His style philosophy encourages us all to express our unique fashion sense while prioritizing comfort and harmony in our clothing choices.

Shabab Din Shareq: Building a Thoughtful Wardrobe 

Shabab Din Shareq, an entrepreneur in residence at Shop-Up and the proprietor of the online shop Gentleman’s Wardrobe, embarked on his fashion journey in 2014. Initially, he introduced Gentleman’s Wardrobe as a blog, dedicating nearly three years to writing about men’s fashion. His primary focus was on extolling the virtues of classic men’s wear, emphasizing its timeless appeal in contrast to the fleeting nature of fast fashion. Shareq believed that investing in enduring pieces could reduce wardrobe clutter and minimize clothing waste, aligning with his sustainable fashion philosophy.

A Blog That Defined Style

As Shareq’s blog gained traction, he started receiving inquiries from readers eager to find the classic clothing items he wrote about. This prompted him to consider offering these wardrobe essentials directly to his audience. His venture into merchandising began with small accessories like ties and pocket squares, initially sourced from global fashion hubs like London, Dubai, and China. However, Shareq’s commitment to sustainability led him to shift production locally.

Championing Classic Men’s Wear

At the core of Shareq’s fashion philosophy is the belief that a well-dressed individual should exude approachability. He advocates for clothing choices that do not create a sense of distance or ostentation but instead foster connection and relatability. He illustrates this point by highlighting how different individuals can wear similar attire, yet the perception varies widely based on their roles and demeanor.

A Signature Style of Subtle Sophistication

Shareq personally favors understated, mundane attire over flashy or extravagant clothing. He values versatility and the ability to mix and match clothing items to create distinct looks. Despite his appreciation for colors and patterns, he recognizes that overly distinctive clothing can make one easily recognizable in a crowd. Thus, he opts for a more subtle wardrobe that allows him to re-wear pieces without drawing undue attention.

365 Days of Suits

Suits are a staple in Shabab’s daily attire, with only a few exceptions. He prioritizes comfort and weather suitability when selecting suits, favoring lightweight and unstructured options that can be effortlessly layered over a shirt and easily carried during travel. In terms of pants, he prefers pleated and relaxed styles, eschewing overly restrictive or constricting designs. Shareq’s ultimate criterion for clothing is comfort, allowing him to wear his outfits from dawn to dusk without feeling the need to change upon returning home.

Fabric Preferences

Regarding fabrics, Shareq’s preferences lean toward cotton, although he acknowledges the excellence of wool for formal and luxury wear. He particularly appreciates cashmere and VBC fabrics for their quality and comfort. As for accessories, Shareq has a fondness for ties and pocket squares from his own brand, Gentleman’s Wardrobe. He often mixes and matches tie colors to create distinctive looks. In addition to ties, he frequently incorporates ascots into his outfits, a style choice he finds less common but personally appealing.

Guiding the New Generation

Reflecting on the evolution of fashion, Shareq notes that our predecessors were more experimental in their clothing choices. While suits were once commonplace daily attire, they are now predominantly reserved for special occasions. Shareq encourages the younger generation to make mindful wardrobe choices, emphasizing quality over quantity. For beginners, he recommends starting with a modest collection of two suits and two jackets, emphasizing the importance of optimizing and building upon existing wardrobe pieces rather than introducing entirely new and unrelated items.

Mahtab Mashuq Tonmoy: Crafting Style with Comfort and Versatility

In the world of fashion, personal style is a canvas for self-expression. Mahtab Mashuq Tonmoy, the Creative Director at First Phase, a Canadian marketing agency, has carved out his unique niche, blending classic menswear with comfort and versatility. In an insightful interview, Mahtab shares his philosophy on dressing well and the nuances of his distinctive style.

Embracing Classic Menswear with a Twist

For Mahtab, comfort reigns supreme. Whether he’s dressing for everyday outings or special occasions, his attire must facilitate ease of movement. Classic menswear forms the foundation of his style, showcasing well-fitted, timeless pieces that effortlessly drape on his frame. The choice of colors plays a pivotal role, aligning with his skin tone and the overall harmony of his ensemble.

A Subdued Color Palette

Mahtab gravitates towards a muted color palette that exudes elegance and sophistication. While he occasionally embraces vibrant shades for particular events, his go-to colors are subdued, including gray, navy blue, and black. These versatile tones allow him to seamlessly transition from one occasion to another, ensuring his style remains understated and refined.

Minimalistic Accessories

In the realm of accessories, Mahtab adopts a minimalistic approach. His watch collection consists of tastefully designed pieces, such as the Cecil watches that hold a special place in his heart. The key to his accessories lies in simplicity and functionality. He often opts for stainless steel watch straps, like the jubilee or Rolex-style, avoiding anything overly flashy or extravagant.

Tailoring Excellence

The cornerstone of Mahtab’s style is a well-tailored suit. He emphasizes the importance of the perfect fit, which should feel like a second skin—neither too tight nor too loose. His preferred suit style is the English cut, characterized by dual vents at the back and peak lapels that exude elegance. Mahtab enjoys experimenting with ties to add a unique touch, bringing a pop of color to elevate his look.

Breathable Fabrics for Comfort

Given his propensity to run warm, Mahtab opts for lightweight and breathable fabrics in his clothing choices. He appreciates garments crafted from Huddersfield and VBC fabric, ensuring comfort even during warmer weather. Mahtab’s commitment to comfort extends to his choice of footwear, favoring oxford shoes with subtle brogue patterns that strike a balance between style and ease.

Honoring Tradition and Embracing Evolution

While Mahtab celebrates the timeless appeal of classic menswear, he acknowledges that fashion has evolved, offering a broader spectrum of choices today. He recognizes that his father, who served in the Navy, epitomized classic menswear’s essence and appreciated its enduring charm. Mahtab believes that the key to wearing a suit effectively lies in both what you wear and how you wear it, from the way you move to the styling choices that transform a look.

Watch Wardrobe

Mahtab’s watch collection is a testament to his refined taste. Seiko watches, in particular, hold a special place. One stands out, the striking Cocktail Negroni Red Presage, perfect for adding an elegant touch to any ensemble. Another prized possession is the unique Seiko Prospex ‘Alpinist’ with a sleek Matt Black dial, a one-of-a-kind piece in Bangladesh. These choices reflect his appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship and meticulous detailing.

But it doesn’t stop there; Mahtab is also an enthusiast of iconic Casio watches. While he’s just beginning, his collection is growing rapidly. He shares his perspective on watch collecting, saying, “I want to explore before delving into more expensive pieces like Zenith and Rolex.”


The template for the new generation of ZENITH PILOT watches, the PILOT Automatic watch is crafted in a 40mm steel case with an oversized crown, paired with a black corrugated dial featuring large luminescent Arabic numerals. Delivered with interchangeable black cordura-effect rubber and brown calfskin leather straps. Powered by the El Primero 3620 automatic high-frequency manufacture movement.

A second strap is offered to fully experience the interchangeability of the watch.

৳ 1,120,000


The FC-718 caliber movement is an extraordinary piece of machinery not only because it is in-house designed, developed, and produced but also because its Worldtimer functions as well as the date are all adjustable via the crown itself, with no additional push-buttons. Frederique Constant was the first to announce such an accomplishment and three Worldtimer editions later this innovation is one of the top-selling arguments for this watch.

৳ 538,000


The Oris x Cervo Volante collaboration begins with three Big Crown Pointer Date watches. Each has a gradient dial inspired by Alpine hues and a strap made of sustainable deer leather. They come with a pouch and a card holder made of the same material. But they’re not limited, and nor is this a one-time deal.

৳ 266,000


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