What difference does a Smart Innovations School make?

Asked a young graduate – fresh out of college – in search of an opportunity to make a career. In came the reply from Dr. Lori Sanchez, executive director of the school, “You know a Smart Innovations School can make a lot of difference to the people and the society”.

How? You might wonder.

The competitiveness and the eagerness to succeed are on an ever-soaring curve for people and the kids are not far behind. It is common to hear stories of genius kids solving some of the world’s biggest challenges or striving to do so.

Take Greta Thunberg for example, she was only 15 when she started protesting against the lack of climate change action. Her resilience drove her so far that within the next one year she addressed the UN assembly on climate change and questioned global leaders for their inaction.

What sparked her to begin protests was a simple recognition, her climate change essay won a competition at a local newspaper. 

At Smart Innovations School, the globally experienced educators strive to identify the talents of children and drive them towards becoming their best selves. Always prepared to encourage the young minds to take up new challenges and prepare them to lead global betterment of the society.

Bill GAtes began coding at the age of 7 and founded Microsoft 14 years later. Would you like your child to start at the age of 5?

A number of unique methods and practices incorporated into the school’s education system play a complementary role in achieving this vision.


When Barack Obama took to the Oval Office in his first term as US President, he pointed out a major gap in the education system that had been created over the years and also shared a solution. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) bridged the gap for some time, but education researchers knew this would not suffice the needs and the demands of the future generations.

Technology changes quickly and since the beginning of the 21st-century technologies have evolved at a revolutionary rate. To keep up with these demands, forward-thinking Arts was added to the STEM making it STEAM. 

STEAM-based education started creating new career paths and opened doors that didn’t even exist.

The knowledge of Arts gave the young engineers and scientists a perspective of global challenges. Combine the curious minds with the right amount of technology and guidance, and your child might have just solved the ‘freshwater crisis’. Or learning to code from an early age, your child may have the innovative advantage to become a leading entrepreneur and change the complete ecosystem like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg.

In addition to all of this, Smart Innovations School is also using courses designed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the fields of AI & ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning), Data Privacy, and Ethics to keep its students up to speed with global technology trends and practices.


To maintain pace with something as intriguing as STEAM, one needs a really dynamic and ever upgrading curriculum to support the demands of learning and teaching module. To balance the future needs with currently available resources.

Smart Innovations School follows a combination of global best practices in education and found the perfect blend of curriculum that helps create a smart learning environment based on the principles of inquiry, critical thinking, Reggio Emilia approach, and qualitative learning that develops knowledge, skills, and understanding.

No compromise to safety and hygiene (even in a pandemic)

Covid19 is worrisome to all and everyone wearing a mask for personal safety, but is that enough?

The school premise in Gulshan 1 is prepared with the latest technology in the prevention of diseases with continuous indoor air sterilization and daily UV based sterilization before and after a school day to reduce the risk of contamination. The state-of-the-art air quality monitoring allows parents to see the quality of air in the school premises through an app on the phone.

The facial recognition and fever detection mechanism placed at the entry point of the school uses a special camera that prompts an alert to the security if any individual is coming in ill or when an unauthorized person tries to get in, even while wearing a mask. 

The spacious classrooms and common areas make the possibility of social distancing true in the school. Following the global guidelines in keeping the school premise safe, Smart Innovations School will practice a mix of the online and offline classroom to provide uninterrupted education to your children. 

That’s (not) all folks

The main campus of the school will house full-sized football and athletics field, cricket nets, basketball, badminton courts, and swimming pool along with many other sports facilities. The campus will also have an auditorium for performing arts and other extra-curricular activities like music, dance, reading, arts and crafts as well as STEAM activities and dedicated research spaces for the inquisitive students.

Following the successful opening of the main campus, Smart Innovations School intends to open a chain of schools with similar facilities and curriculum for the less privileged sections of the society at a marginal cost.

The drive that the school aims to create in every child to envision a world with fewer challenges to live in and dream to accomplish a more harmonious and problem-free world, Smart Innovations School truly lives up to its motto “where EDUCATION meets the FUTURE”.

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