Channeling the Art of Feng Shui

An ancient Chinese form of art, Feng Shui, is more than simply a way to organize the home, but more so a technique which allows the channeling of good energy through space to bring peace and joy to the home. Like most age-old Chinese practices, this, too, focuses on increasing productivity while keeping the mind and body in zen mode. It shows how connected we really are to our homes, and how changes in it can, in turn, affect us and our moods. From picking up the right plant to being meticulous about the artworks we decide to hang, every little thing can guide us in bringing in good vibes to our abodes. Anisha Hassan puts it simply as a task that is no tougher than a home re-decoration or spring cleaning but has effects which are a whole lot different, and for the better.

As time passes and we change our tastes and preferences, our homes stay stuck in one era. This can negatively affect our mood and behavior, and this is where Feng Shui basically comes in. It is a way of making our homes adapt and evolve with us, not by a complete home renovation every year, but by changing and reorganizing the smallest of things. 

Functionality is Important 

On top of everything comes functionality. Be it a chair, a side table or the most spacious reading table, if you are not a reader it will be of no use, no matter how useful it might be to someone else. Before purchasing any new piece of furniture, carefully asses its use to you first, otherwise it is nothing but clutter. 

Mirrors, a Medicine for All

Mirrors have the ability to brighten a room, expand it and bring in more light. In Feng Shui we are to be thoughtful of where we place a mirror, because it will reflect, hence double the energy of what it sees. Placing it directly across the foyer is a bad idea since it will simply bounce back the energy out of the house, as well as placing it in a bedroom, which will increase energy flow hence disrupting the sleep. Instead, put it across windows in the living area where the natural light will take over, bringing in warmth and good energy. 

The size of the mirror should also be one that lets you see your head, shoulders and chest, so you do not feel minute or insignificant every time you catch a look of yourself. 

Let it Flow

One of the main ideas of Feng Shui is to allow the energy or the Chi to rest in the home, while flowing freely. Meaning no blockage, but be careful to not let it flow right out either. Look to see that there is no direct line-of-sight between an entrance of energy (like the main door) and an exit (like the backdoor or a window). Slow down your Chi with textures like a rug or a mat, that will grab onto the energy. 

Furniture Fixtures 

It is important to place the commanding couch in a position that allows the head person to see most of the house, including the doorway, if not the whole area. This lets the person be informed of everything and everyone, getting in and out, without having to shift positions, which can be an annoyance and distraction during gatherings. It helps the person feel important, and boosts the mood. 

Thoughtful Accessories

While decorating we can often get lost in a sea of objects because most times we have made a purchase because something looks pretty. But while some objects stay pretty for they are meaningful and loving, some become a useless background noise, like a candle holder with no candles. Accessories are meant to be displayed, so be mindful of displaying only those that make you feel better, or trigger a nice memory. Like a birthday present from 10 years ago, no matter how rustic triggers a happy memory, and is meant to be cherished and showcased to remind you of it. 

Pleasant Peaceful Plants 

Plants can quite literally liven up a space, helping to clean our airs with their textures, colors, and of course photosynthesis. The leafy patterns that constantly keep changing give a space a splash of creativity, different textures that it brings are a good way to hold onto the Chi that flows. The colors are beautiful to look at, and one our eyes never get tired of but appreciate instead, and last of all, they help to cleanse the air that we breathe. 

While we constantly seek peace in everyday objects and yet somehow seem to sway away from it, the missing ingredient is not always in the object itself, but how we decide to present it. A few tweaks here and there, a little change up of patterns can help to boost your productivity levels and maybe even get you better sleep, which makes this a technique worth investing some time on.

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