The Spring Shining

With the spring in full swing, Satori brings in the greening look to the new. A sparkle of royal purple and exquisite designs of refreshing colors will combine the interior of any house.

The furniture and interior radiate the soft glimmer of a new coming. With a change of season, a change and revamp of furniture gives an optimistic look to the future. That makes the simplest of conversations comfortable and never-ending. Placing the lighting that illuminates the entire room from lamps enhances the environment of how engaging conversations can be, be it for business or catching up about the day.

The setup makes one’s home a reflection of how nature and one’s soul can combine to show how change is the way of life and how change is inevitable.

H 121-D (2nd Floor), Rd-44, Gulshan Avenue
Ph: 02 98 47707, Cell: +88 01841 SATORI (72 86 74)
Road 27, House 21K, 1st Floor, Banani
Ph: 02 88 27707, Cell: +88 01841216677

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