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Colors has interviewed five people, starting from working women to homemakers to students, who have spoken of their desired online platforms to shop from. Samura Chowdhury writes about their experiences in terms of quality, behavior, and pricing.

Some Facebook pages where women could get clothes and cosmetics within different price ranges, according to customer reviews, are: Passion for Fashion by Sumaiya Chowdhury, Closet Cloud, Glam Girl by Shabnoor Ahmed, Afsheen and StyleSell.

Alvina Tamjid

Women who work outside or stay at and manage home and students prefer shopping from an online page. Alvina Tamjid, a homemaker and mother of two kids, states, ‘I love shopping from Passion for Fashion. Passion for Fashion’s Sumaiya apu brings exclusive tops, kameez, and kurtis, in every live show within an affordable range, which keeps me trendy without having to step outside.’ She also has another page PFF Premium, which sells exclusive and stylish party wear. The pricing, she says, is ‘not sky high’. Hence, ‘I can easily buy regular wear, as well as party wear from this page. Being a mother, it’s impossible for me to handle them on my own if I step outside. Whenever I face any problem, regarding the product, and if the page is at fault, I instantly get refund which made me trust her page.’

Laizu Yasmin

Another customer, Laizu Yasmin, who’s in her early 50s, and a homemaker, also loves shopping, from Closet Cloud and Passion for Fashion. She mentions, ‘I cannot go to the market on my own. And as my kids are busy with their lives, they cannot accompany me to the market very often. But Closet Cloud takes care of all my needs. I love their Kameez and Kurtis. Their collection sets you apart from the crowd and the compliments that I get whenever I wear their dresses are satisfactory. Another favorite of mine would have to be Passion for Fashion, which is trustworthy and brings equally fashionable dresses.’

Humaira Rahman, a marketing consultant, tells Colors how online shopping has saved her time. ‘I work at Banglalink [telecom], and I barely get time to go out and shop in person. I’ve been shopping online for quite some time. It saves my time, I can get whatever size I need, and if it doesn’t fit, I could change it instantly.’ She adds, ‘Glam Girl by Shabnoor and Style Sell are my go-to pages when I have to shop. I could also get makeup from Glam Girl, along with dresses. I love their service and the recorded live for dresses.’

Laizu Yasmin

Noureen Haque, who’s currently doing her undergrad from North-South University shares her shopping experience, from the page Afsheen. ‘I don’t buy clothes, as I’m not into it and thanks to my mother I don’t have to worry about it. But I do love makeup and Afsheen is a trustworthy and favorite page of mine. The admins are super friendly; they take pre-order without taking any advance from me, which enables me to shop while I’m broke, as I have to pay later on. They also have the latest items from high end to drug store brands in stock that I could look into and order.’

Zohaina Chowdhury

Zohaina Chowdhury, a lawyer, religiously shops from Style Sell and Closet Cloud. ‘I always had a bad experience at the market. The crowd and bumping into vendors made me uncomfortable. But shopping from online platforms has made life much easy. The pricing is a lot cheaper than stores’, maybe due to competition in the market.’

Customers like these women couldn’t stop gushing about online shopping, which, according to them, was much easier, safer, and cheaper and most importantly, did not have to compromise with quality and with their satisfaction. The owners and administrations of each of these pages offer a comfort zone for them to shop from without any fear and doubt.

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