A Cup of Utopian Goodness

Despite the rise of coffee culture in recent times, tea hasn’t lost its essence. Moreover, Halda Valley Tea Lounge gives tea-loving customers what they crave for. With the help of its founder Dr. Shamim Khan and architect Md. Rubayet Tanveer Chowdhury, Humaira Rahman experiences what may be called the culture of having a perfect cup of tea.

The country’s one of the most prosperous tea estates, Halda Valley Tea Company having garden in Chattogram, has much more to offer than just a beverage. The Lounge, an outlet, is a beautiful place, at YN Center in Dhaka city’s posh Gulshan-2 area. It has already been well known for its services and cozy environment.

The exceptional glass-doored entrance is enough to make a customer see the sophisticated ambiance inside the lounge. Since tea has been enjoyed completely in the most comfort zone, the designers including another architect named Yasin Imran Rony, have come up with ideas to ensure a pleasant environment.

The whole place can automatically make anyone miss their home a little less. One may feel after spending a few times that the affliction of the monotonous daily life is over. Small trees alongside the glass window present a taste of nature. The books in the corner shelves can accompany a customer while enjoying tea. A sculpture based on Halda’s tea garden has created a simple yet artistic view. ‘Achieving a simple design in terms of the interior was hard,’ says Rubayet Tanveer.

People who love tea can have an authentic experience of conventional, as well as 30 different varieties of tea, served here. The customers can see tea leaves in the pots used. From the richness of Malai Tea to therapeutic Dragon Well Green Tea, Halda Valley varieties satisfy cups of goodness.

Halda Valley is the first one to launch Silver Needle White Tea in Bangladesh. Apart from tranquility the place offers, the outlet serves green tea, in view of its health benefits. Halda Valley is also making business for the country by exporting different varieties of tea to many countries. ‘In the long run, we hope to see this brand reaching one of the top three renowned brands in the world,’ Shamim Khan spells out his dream.

The company is also planning to add 20 more varieties of tea to the service list along with snacks. The cookies are freshly baked and green tea cookie served here can easily be differentiated.

Tea lovers who start their day with a cup of tea should try this place out to have experience of the century-old culture of tea in today’s context. Halda Valley also offers the purchase of tea for those who can enjoy the same aromatic and fine tea at their home. Either way, this whole tea outlet has a lot to offer than just a cup of tea.

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