Pulling the Python

If you have not noticed already, animal prints have started to show up once again, and within the array of creatures whose skins we adore so dearly, the one pattern that comes out as the most valiant is the python pattern. And contrary to popular belief, this is not only for the outgoing but for absolutely anyone who wishes to showcase their brave side in a bold way, writes Anisha Hassan.

Explore More Colors

When we talk about the python pattern, the one image that comes to most people’s minds are that of a green snakeskin, a pattern and color hard to wear multiple times. However there is tones more to this great pattern than just a boring old green. This excuisite python pattern comes in every color imaginable, from a bold mustard to funky holographic, the options are enormous, and exploring them is half the fun.
What makes colors great is that you can wear multiple python patterned clothes simultaneously, without having it resemble a uniform. Maroon boots, mustard bag, a badass black top, talk about triple threat!

Don’t Forget Footwear

A subtle way to strengthen your footwear is by swapping regular ones with python patterns, no matter what sort of wear you are going with. This unique pattern could be seen mostly on boots, but as of late every form of footwear is starting to accept it. From strappy heels to pumps to stilettos to everyday sandals and even ballet flats, it has touched every footwear out there.


If you are seeking a small touch of this beautiful pattern on your outfit without having to cover yourself in it, a satin scarf will do the trick. Satins and silks enhance the python pattern, further heightening its beauty. Throw it over your head, around the neck, or as a light shawl with solid colors underneath, and the result will be majestic.

The Last Step

The last step to all wardrobe guides end with accessories, and this is no different. Just like every aspect of clothing, this pattern has touched on every accessory as well. The most used and lovable is without a doubt our purses, bags and wallets. Not only does this instantaneously shift the mood of the bag, but it also makes every purse and wallet look effortlessly elegant. A solid colored outfit, with a python patterned purse and scarf, would be a combination to die for, and so would the hundred other combinations we can create with this pattern. Remember, this is not one of those trends that pass by the blink of an eye, but one that always rotates back to find space into our wardrobes. It is not a splurge, but an investment, and a pretty good looking one too.

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