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Navin Ahmed has earned a name as a makeup artist, and her studio, GALA Makeover garnered much attention. Nazifa Tasnim engages in a conversation with this renowned artist as she discusses bridal looks to go for and the trends of this season.

Navin Ahmed
Photo: Kazi Mukul.

Moments before the interview at Gala Makeover Studio’s newly opened branch at Gulshan-1, Navin Ahmed walked in wearing a cherry red blazer and matching heels adding a pop of colour to the entire space that was surrounded by walls painted pale white. She had a passion for her cra from an early age, completing her diploma on Cosmetic Techniques and Management. She extensively learnt about special effects and dermatology apart from glamour makeup is what she believes curved her way and gave her the opportunity to do something she loved.

Being one of those niche groups of makeup professionals, who thought of working with natural tones when everyone else was busy making brides five shades lighter, Navin Ahmed brought a change in the county’s bridal makeup industry. When asked about her this approach towards bridal makeup, she said, “As I started 10 years ago, mainstream parlors were offering dramatic looks for bridal makeup, I took a different route and started doing bridal makeup that looked natural and since I studied abroad where natural looks are more promoted, it acted as a plus point for me. Brides at that time, who were young, started preferring my approach and soft glitter looks with bold lips or dewy-glowy makeup became a big hit amongst them because no one was doing that at the time.”

Navin shared her signature style that is subtle makeup. “I enjoy doing lighter looks personally as I feel brides should look ‘the glammed-up version of their natural self.’ But as makeup artists, we have to be flexible and work according to our client’s demand. We can’t impose our ideas on them,” she stated.

When asked about new trends, she said dramatic look is coming back in trend and brides do ask for such looks now.

On perfect makeup application on the wedding day, she suggested to prep one’s skin from one week ahead. She recommended getting a facial with time in hand especially for bride who hasn’t done facials before, as there might be reactions from the facials. For color treatments, Navin insisted on keeping one week in hand.  Threading along with other spa treatments can be done two-three days before the event. On their wedding day, brides can get a cleaning massage before applying their makeup. She added, “When I find that a bride’s skin is irritated, I perform a mini facial or mini treatment before progressing with the makeup application.”

“When brides choose their wedding makeup look, they need to keep in mind that 10 years down the line when they look at their pictures it should still look great.”

To ensure that your makeup does not budge during the entire day of the event, she said, “Go for a makeup artist who uses quality products because it’s your skin after all. I personally like the baking technique to keep makeup set and it also gives a smooth finish to the skin. Brides do tend to get emotional at their wedding, but I suggest to not let water sit on the face for long. Patting it dry softly is the way to go about it and also keep in mind that the makeup artist uses waterproof products.”

When asked about how she handles situations where a bride wants a look which she knows won’t suit her, she explained, “I usually talk to my client about that of course, they tell me what they want but as a makeup artist I understand something might not be flattering on certain eye shapes or skin texture, so I make suggestions and ask if things can be done differently. Most clients are very receptive; they listen to their makeup artist. In my case, I keep a lot of time at hand so in such situations, for example, I do one eye how I suggested and another how the client asked for and show her which she prefers. We do offer trial options for brides as well.”

For choosing the right bridal makeup look Navin said, “I think with lighter color outfits soft glamorous makeup looks great. For red lehenga or saree, bold lips and smoky eyes or golden eye looks are timeless. When brides choose their wedding makeup look, they need to keep in mind that 10 years down the line when they look at their pictures it should still look great.”

She says: “For Mehendi and holud I suggest brides keep their hair tied in loose braids or interesting buns with floral ornaments because they want to have fun day and not worry about the hair getting on their face. On their wedding day since they usually wear a lot of heavy jewelry so I recommend going for updos. On the reception day however, which tend to be more formal and the outfits are usually lighter, I feel open hairstyles look beautiful on brides.”

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