Mood Boosters, Truly

A bad day at work, moving out of an old neighborhood, unexpected grades, and so much more in our daily lives can have an impact on our moods, which eventually transition to our other activities, bringing down our efficiency. Although these little downs are parts of what we call life, they do not always have to be sad and boring. Because there are small things which make you feel a ton better and daily practices which prevent your mood from sulking in the first place, writes Anisha Hassan

Indulge in some chocolate
Chocolate is without a doubt one of our favorite foods and there are few who do not absolutely love it. Regardless of age, chocolate makes a person happy and joyous and it comes back with science. Dark chocolate contains a natural chemical called serotonin. Serotonin acts as an antidepressant which instantly elevates the mood, helping you feel better.

Sip on some Green Tea
You have heard this a million times by now probably, but green tea is healthy for the human body in numerous ways, and lifting our moods is one of them. It contains a compound called L- theanine which reduces stress and helps us to relax.

Hit the Gym
When you work out you release a chemical called endorphin into your system which helps you to feel better and boosts your mood, not to mention exercising occupies your mind from other matters. Cardio is the best form to take your mind off of things. Be it a little run or jog, or even riding the bike if the surroundings allow you to, it will help.

Snack, Sometimes
Although too much snacking is not healthy, sometimes and only sometimes when you are feeling down it is okay to snack lightly between meals. When the sugar levels drop it impacts your mood further. So healthy options like fruits or yogurt are great alternatives.

Get Together
Friends or family, being surrounded by people you love will make you feel better. You do not always have to engage in conversation, instead opt for a light game of table tennis or binge on movies where you both share a light laugh.

Although the practices are small, they have big impacts on your mood. We cannot let go of the bad days completely, but we can definitely move past them with a large box of chocolate ice cream while binging on our favorite rom-com for the rest of the night.

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