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Sohail Humayun, Managing Director of Thyrocare Bangladesh

If you’re looking for easy, accessible and affordable healthcare, Tamima Islam writes about the world-class diagnostic healthcare providers, Thyrocare Bangladesh.

As we progress towards a ‘Digital Bangladesh’, the country has been seeing countless technological advancements throughout different sectors. A vital sector currently gearing towards such technological sophistication, with the constant help of the government, is the healthcare sector of Bangladesh, which is exactly where Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited steps in.

Thyrocare is an international chain diagnostic laboratory currently operating in India, Bahrain, Nepal, and Gulf countries, besides Bangladesh. Since its inception in Bangladesh, it has managed to transform the healthcare industry by incepting international standards while maintaining affordability. Throughout its journey, it has successfully stood strong beside its vision of providing high-quality preventive healthcare at affordable costs, straight to your doorsteps.

It’s laboratory, located at Confidence Centre in Shahzadpur, Gulshan, is not only of top-notch quality but it is the first privately-owned CAP (College of American Pathologists) recognized laboratory while being ISO (15189 and 15190) approved. Their services comply with WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines, ensuring top quality results. The laboratory comprises high-end machinery, including a highly sophisticated chiller room which stores reagents and enables the patients’ blood samples to be stored up to seven days in order to obtain maximum results.

Sophisticated German machinery used for blood sample testing to give maximum results

To avail their services, a customer-care line is available (at 09666737373) to slot an appointment and send a trained phlebotomist to the requested location. The central office tracks each and every one of these trained personnel in order to monitor and ensure timely operations. Currently, the organization boasts up to 30 collection points inside and outside of Dhaka.
Each blood sample collected is given a unique test-tube and barcode, ensuring data collection and entry remains accurate and confidential. Latest high-end machinery imported from Germany are used to test the blood for various microbiological, biochemical, immunological or hematological defects, and produces automated results, saving a lot of time while maintaining accuracy. Highly trained personnel work with these samples in the laboratory and maintain all safety and health regulations.
Commenting on the growing success of Thyrocare over the past years, Sohail Humayun, Managing Director of Thyrocare Bangladesh, expressed his profound gratitude towards the current government and health minister of Bangladesh for increasing regulations on healthcare, which in-turn encouraged Thyrocare to reach new heights.

Lab practitioners at work at the Thyrocare Bangladesh laboratory

“All of Bangladesh should be able to receive standard quality healthcare services,” he commented. “And this would not have been possible without their immense support.”
To add on, Mr. Humayun disclosed his heartfelt appreciation of the ex-American Ambassador of Bangladesh, Dan Mozena, who visited Thyrocare Bangladesh and was highly impressed by its operations and sophisticated laboratory.

Apart from serving millions of customers at a satisfying quality, Thyrocare Bangladesh also serves the community at large. World Diabetes Day and World Osteoporosis Day are a few of the number of occasions observed by the organization in order to raise awareness about common health issues within the community. The organization also aims to serve elderly and severely ill people all around Bangladesh who usually cannot travel easily, therefore requiring the prompt home services Thyrocare has to offer. Thyrocare Bangladesh also ensures proper waste disposal, thereby being an environmentally friendly organization.

When asked about the future plans of Thyrocare, Mr. Humayun shared a plan to avail consultation centers, which will include foreign visiting doctors.
“Ultimately, Thyrocare Bangladesh aims to continue providing affordable and accessible healthcare to people all over Bangladesh, while maintaining the highest quality possible,” concluded Mr. Humayun.

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