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Health consciousness has come a long way. But measuring the progress was an old fashioned method. Arka Dev Biswas visits M360 Wellness to learn how a modern 3D scan gives a person details about his/her body.

Visiting M360 Wellness is intriguing, mainly because workouts and diets were always the approaches to maintaining fitness. A better look at what they did explains how the place is not about telling the client what to do, but to use the art of a tailor and making a tailor-made regiment for everyone.

Consultation Room M360 Wellness

How it all began

“Initially when I began to work out back in the days, it was the same way it has always been. However, the instructor I trained under, every month used to do measure every inch of the body. Usually working out meant to weigh yourself and compare on the BMI index. This was new. His belief was, even when we exercise, it wasn’t necessarily the case that weight loss went from the right place. The main loss has to be fat percentage. That is where the intrigue came,” says Monimul Hoque, the founder of M360 Wellness. He explains, “If fitness is contingent upon measurements, then there also has to be a more precise way of gaining results, and that is how the concept of introducing a 3D body scan to Bangladesh came about.”

Being in the line of fitness for over a decade, he built his passion for the industry from the good feeling of exercising. Adding a modern twist to being fit just made sense to him.

Fit3D Body Assessment Scanner

Scanned and compared with the world

“The scanner takes a full body scan within seconds, and uploads it all to a central blockchain system that contains all the information. And within a short time, the information is analysed, compared, and gives a detailed analysis of the state of the body at that moment,” says Mr. Hoque, adding, “Every detail is given to the client. The clients are not shackled to us. They are free to consult with their own dieticians and nutritionists or our own, and moreover, the clientele have access to their own information from anywhere they want, via their own personal account.”

Dwelling on how the scanner may seem to be something that needs skills to assemble, Mr. Hoque has pointed out that the whole scanner can be set by just one person. He himself assembled it when he brought it. Bangladesh was the 5th country to bring Fit3D as a method of measuring in the world.

Loving your own body

“Fitness requires efforts, but it also needs a nuanced understanding about one’s own body, difference between fat loss and lean muscle loss. For example, if an individual loses weight of five kilograms, the question lies where it took place. Was the loss from the fat or from lean muscles? If there is a loss of two and a half kilos from both, the net loss in fat percentage is null. But the results that the individual sees are weight loss,” says Monimul Hoque. “We want targeted reduction and adapt everything to the client’s need. Because the clients deserve to know how minimal effort it takes to be healthy.”

Being healthy means to know and love one’s own body. Recognizing the efforts and commending them gives a feel-good moment to everyone, he adds.

The belief of being healthy

The people are told what they should and should not do, according to Mr. Hoque. He says, everyone needs both advice and freedom, “but the aim is to make them believe their own body change.”

“Most do not follow everything word to word, but it is more about the small changes that they make unconsciously. These remain with them as their patterns and ways change with time. All in all, it is to make people fall in love with their own bodies and to embrace what living a healthy lifestyle stands for. A casual conversation, talking about how to try workouts, anyone will enjoy being fit. Not just for the sake of it, but from the love of it.

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