Dhaka Toasts Zurhem

Mehruz Munir,the creative director and co-founder of Zurhem

Zurhem just launched its spring-summer 2019 collection on May 3 and besides raving about the bold designs we wanted to know what went behind the designs which are no less than pieces of art. So, we talked to the creative maestro behind the brand, Mehruz Munir, to dig a little deeper.
Initially launched in July 2015, Zurhem, a Prêt-à-Porter and Bespoke Suiting Salon, was a dream come true for the suit lovers. This year marks a new beginning for the brand as they celebrated the launch of their new atelier at Banani on April 26 and displayed their spring/summer 2019 collection at a fashion show on May 3 at InterContinental Dhaka.

With each piece designed so intricately, it comes as no surprise that most of his work is inspired by art and architecture, but this time around the form of art was rather close to home. Dhaka is a city with an indomitable spirit that is always buzzing with colors and stories. The lively streets are bursting with bold and vivid colors of what has almost become the hallmark for the city: Rickshaws. When you look at the designs, this very hallmark made for the inspiration this time around infused with pop art. Mehruz says, “Along with rickshaw painting, I was very inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art. I remember seeing one of his exhibitions in Prague and I totally fell in love. They are so bright and there’s always that repetition in his work but in different colors. I really wanted to incorporate that into this collection.” For an indigenous touch, Mehruz spent two months working with Rickshaw artists to collaborate with them and create works of such finesse.
The outfits made of fabrics with flamboyant prints and cut into bold designs sure to be à la mode this season, made heads turn in the evening of the fashion show. Albeit being an absolute thrill for the audience, the creative director and co-founder, Mehruz, admits that fashion shows are never exciting for him as the nervousness takes over for the most part. “It’s the most daunting experience ever. The level of dilemma, self-doubt, and panic I go through during the show is absolutely insane. It’s almost like raising a child only to give them away to the world so they can be judged, examined, criticized and if we are lucky, beloved,” he adds.
Along with the exciting new designs, Zurhem also opened a new Atelier at Banani. With the store now open for all, Zurhem has many surprises still left for the fans.
The new store, with baroque interiors and closely paid attention to extravagant details,
has many pieces (both menswear and womenswear) that one can buy off the rack. “They are very wearable, chic and screams class,” Mehruz exclaims. He says that people should also look forward to a new addition that has been demanded for a long time now: a footwear range. They are well made genuine leather shoes that a customer can easily pair up with a Zurhem Suit to complete the outfit and buy everything from their favorite brand. And that’s not all, the new atelier, besides having details to make an art-lover swoon, will have artworks from numerous Bangladeshi artists that one can buy from the store. “I think everyone who appreciates art should really visit our space. I am personally very proud of the collection we have in the display,” shares Mehruz.
After two years of meticulous speculation Ermenegildo Zegna, an Italian luxury fashion house that makes clothing and accessories for men, have partnered up with Zurhem to bring to the customers a true taste of luxury. Mehruz shares with the audience, “Ever since we started Zurhem, we have been approaching Zegna to partner with us. They have a partnership with a certain brand in every country and there was no one from Bangladesh. After years of chasing them, calling them, emailing them, they did finally see our potential and give the partnership to us. So if you ask me, I feel over the moon!”
Besides, Zurhem has also partnered with AMP which is known for organizing some of the best events in Dhaka for a like-minded select few. Mehruz thinks that there’s no brand in Bangladesh that understands luxury as Amp does. “They are a great brand to work with and we are blessed to have them as our event partner at such an early stage of Zurhem’s lifetime.”

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