Daraz to celebrate fashion week

Gear up, fashionistas!

Fashion has different interpretations for different people. For some, it is how they present themselves to the outside world, whereas, for others, it might indicate how they feel about their own personality from within. Fashion gives some people a touch of confidence to go by the day with a bold approach, while for some others, it is simply the manner of being who they are and embracing the authenticity of their natural self. All in all, it can be said that fashion has been one of humankind’s most consistent tools to sharpen own characters and define personal values, primarily through dress-up and body language.

It may, of course, differ from person to person – depending on where they extract their fashion mojo from. Also, different eras and different social viewpoints have played key roles in shaping the manifold fashion trends and benchmarks – celebrating the power of vibrance and experimentation in creating fashion statements. From the evergreen Elvis Presley to the contemporary sensation Billie Eilish and much beyond – iconic figures have time and again proved how powerful fashion could be in terms of challenging the orthodox and conveying audacious messages that might otherwise get lost in translation.

Bangladesh has been witnessing a notable rise in the trend of adapting global fashion traits, especially among the young population. Thanks to social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and such, we now get to connect much more intricately to the persisting global values and fashion as a means of dispersing ideas and ideals. And with improved shopping options like Daraz Bangladesh – a part of globally leading e-commerce chain Alibaba – fashion enthusiasts can now avail of their desired products with total brand authenticity and cost-efficient plans!

This October, Daraz Bangladesh is set to celebrate one whole week of fashion extravaganza! Starting from October 07, customers will get to order their favorite clothing and accessory items from Daraz at exciting price offers. The Daraz fashion week is aimed at making shopping more entertaining, as it is coming up with mega deals, brand vouchers, brand-free shipping, prepayment discounts, brand flash sales, and free gifts. Customers will also get to enjoy a flat 9 taka shipping offer, making online shopping more lucrative than ever before.

Popular brands like Apex, Trendz, Splash, Lulusar, Sultan, Twelve Clothing, and Raw Nation, besides a plethora of other fashion hallmarks, are going to showcase their best products during the fashion week in Daraz. This is indeed creating an opportunity for busy customers to explore the top-notch collections from anywhere at the time, according to their best convenience. At the same time, the brands are also gaining a better window to gain the contemporary market demands, customer inclinations and monitor their own traffics to customize their future offerings even better. This way, Daraz Bangladesh is going to create an exclusive avenue for the fashionistas to go full-throttle and stay unique, as they naturally love to!

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