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Walking the Ramp of Success

Having always been enthusiastic about the film and media industry, Adil Hossain Noble first started his modeling career as a runway model at the early age of 21. Noble talks about the conflict between his celebrity fantasies and his conservative family. “My mother didn’t want me to lose my values and morals in the pursuit of such a career. So I assured her that if this path changes me into something I’m not, I will put an end to it immediately,” says Noble. Noble’s modeling career was only a platform for even bigger things. He had his breakthrough when he first appeared on TV in an Azad ball pen ad that resulted in him being awarded ‘best model’ for 5 years in a row. That’s when his career really picked up and since then he appeared in many TVCs and hit movies, creating a prominent reputation for himself. Tunajina Islam speaks with the man himself to dig deeper into his inspiring journey.

Noble gives us his tips on how to manage a busy career and family time. He says time management is fundamental. He says, “If you can’t keep up with deadlines and routines, you will be heavily leaning towards one or the other.” Alongside this, he states that he tries to prioritize his responsibilities so if push comes to shove, the least important duties can be left out.

Being in the industry for many years, Noble has seen dramatic changes since he started. He claims that there is a loss of passion in this industry. “People are too focused on the perks and benefits rather than enjoying the art of acting for their own sake. Back then, there was limited work and limited income but these days you have an abundance of opportunities and people take it for granted. I hope to see the passion of acting come back to life in the future.”

Aside from the media industry, Noble is also president of the enterprise business division at Robi Bangladesh. He’s currently working with IOT (internet of things) technology and has really ambitious goals for the future of Bangladesh. “IOT is the future and we hope this will revolutionize the nation,” he says. He sees himself focusing on his business career for the next few years rather than media work.

Noble emphasizes the significance of keeping your mind and options open about what to pursue. “You cannot have a tunnel vision. You have to have several paths so you can experiment and find your passion.” Another important point he tells us is that no matter what one does, he or she must enjoy it and contribute to it. There’s no satisfaction in doing a job that has no particular contribution to the bigger picture.
There’s so much to learn from this multi-talented individual who keeps a well-balanced life and never forgets to put his effort where his passion lies. His journey has taught many young people to keep striving for their goals because you never know when you’ll get your big break.

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