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Offering World-class Diagnostic Services

It’s diagnostic test that makes people scared of or happy about these days when they need to consult with a physician. Precision is what is required for accurate medical care for curing a disease. Thyrocare Bangladesh offers this accuracy with its advanced technology, at affordable costs. It brings services to the doorsteps of those in need. Arka Dev Biswas visits Thyrocare Bangladesh to see how it brings a revolution in diagnostic tests within a short span of time.

What’s new in the service?

Quality of the service is recognized globally but at the same time, Thyrocare Bangladesh reaches people exactly where they need it. Its volunteers collect samples and deliver reports at home, maintaining standard procedures. “We offer people the service of all the tests they need at a minimal cost. Providing pathology, hormone and blood tests using the most updated technology costs a lot, but quality can never be a compromise”, suggests Dr. Habib S. Chowdhury, the laboratory in charge in Dhaka. Being the only preventive diagnostic center puts Thyrocare Bangladesh in a unique position. It has package for those who want to make a health check-up, apart from carrying out diagnostic tests as when required. Moreover, the diagnostic reports prepared by Thyrocare are accepted by reputed hospitals and physicians in other countries where and whenever people go for consultation and medicare facilities.

CAP-ing, the global recognition

The key source of recognition lies in being accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). CAP is an internationally recognized certification, where the test conducted by a diagnostic center is recognized to be credible enough by any and every doctor in the world. The CAP certification requires a rigorous process where the laboratory has to maintain safety and health standards throughout. The lab’s chief scientific officer Nazmul Huda says, having the right reagents and a workable lab is not enough to attain the accreditation. A lab requires to go through 10 stages in order to be considered eligible, with further tier systemized procedures. Minimum standards, as monitored professionally, makes the certification more synthesized and transparent. Further standardization comes in the form of test samples being sent from Illinois, the USA, to check whether the integrity is still maintained. This helps to keep Thyrocare Bangladesh to be at par with global standards, as well as a minimum requirement that CAP certification needs for providing the desired services.

Thanks to all these and further steps, Thyrocare Bangladesh was awarded the CAP certification in April 2019, the first and only such center in Bangladesh, a revolution in the in vitro diagnostics industry in the country. “Our very recognition set us up to become a recognized institution for testing on a global scale. We follow global standards and work parallel the way every other standardized institute works,” says Dr. Habib Chowdhury. The certification shows the effect a recognition has on an institution, especially to those who are frequent visitors to medical services.

The Bangladesh Venture

Thyrocare originally may have begun in India, but now it is spread across different countries in Asia, providing diagnostic services in a number of countries around the world. An institute that champions quality services for the masses using the most advanced technology of the day, exhibits the dedication and hard work that its founder Dr. Velumani worked for. It maintains this degree of integrity to the finest of details.

When there is a lack of proper accountability to its patients, Thyrocare Bangladesh puts added efforts to ensure that diagnostics is never subpar for those who need it the most. It takes great willpower to break through into an industry that is allegedly and often driven by frequent and inconsequential testing, that international medical institutions do not generally recognize. And that is what makes Thyrocare Bangladesh, similar to its mother brand, Thyrocare Technologies Limited.

Work behind the diagnosis

It presents the highest quality services at a minimal cost. Diagnostic costs are often exorbitant in nature, however, immersing out of a costly industry and has inherently been for the well-off. However, Thyrocare Bangladesh gives the benefit of providing the tests at the most affordable rates, regardless of how outrageous it may be, including those which needed to be done from abroad. All tests from the closest proximity, even if the patient is immobile, providing service on a 24/7 basis and ensuring reports are received at the earliest convenience. “Our team is a very small team, but highly efficient. We have divisions that work in different parts of the day so that the whole process is smooth enough. From receiving the samples to ensuring the reports reach to the patient, there is no slowing down, as everything is mechanized and nothing, nothing is done manually,” Dr. Habib adds. The pace and efficiency, and the precision the results are made in may seem unimaginable, but it takes place at that rate. Having over 3,000 tests being run simultaneous using machines and instruments imported from Germany, all internationally recognized for their technological strives.

“It is our responsibility to inform people about why certain tests may not be efficient, and how they can identity their ailments better, as well as how they can prevent it in future,”

Active Role in Social Awareness

Thyrocare BD has been playing a more proactive role in generating greater awareness across the country to show their presence and to display the hardship and hurdles they have overcome. Post CAP recognition, Thyrocare promptly acted to spread awareness during the dengue epidemic. It has stepped up its reach in terms of deploying multiple agents to ensure that test subjects can have access to this service from any remote location of the country. Regardless of the patient’s socioeconomic background, it ensures access to pathology services that most are deprived of in most cases. It informs the people about the ease at which tests can be conducted and how cost-efficient it can be having been the biggest change that Thyrocare has been pushing for. “It is our responsibility to inform people about why certain tests may not be efficient, and how they can identify their ailments better, as well as how they can prevent it in future,” says Dr. Mahbub, working with the team since the beginning. Thyrocare BD has boosted its engagement with many medical institutes to create an inclusive environment so that, diagnostic services do not need to be done by sending it abroad, rather it can be done in one’s own country. This greatly reduces the time lag, improves efficiency, as well as the accuracy of testing, something that CAP requires as part of its approval. Aggressive for accuracy and always ensuring that results are accurate in measured environment temperature, makes Thyrocare BD different in Bangladesh. Operating for more than 3,000 clients require efficiency and accuracy, and this technologically driven center ticks all the boxes, with a certified recognition of CAP as well. This takes patience and a lot of effort. Furthermore, Thyrocare authorities know, it is easy to attain the recognition, but maintaining and championing the recognition is what the members of this institute view as the more important aspect of this accreditation.

From Humble Beginnings

Thyrocare is the brainchild of Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani, a thyroid specialist who began working in his garage, with the aim to provide better diagnostic service to the poor in India, first. Dr. Velumani wanted to locate where the thyroid gland was located and wanted to provide services to the mass at a low cost. With a vision in mind and will at hear, he started investing his time and energy to make diagnostics accessible for all, resulting in Thyrocare, a specialized diagnostic brand that provides preventive healthcare testing.

Dr Habib S. Chowdhury
the laboratory consultant in Dhaka.

Vision and Ambition

The vision and ambition of Thyrocare BD is simple, but it reflects what Dr. Velumani ingrained into those who affiliate to it directly, providing services and results at the most cost-effective rate possible. “We want to provide fifty percent of the world service at fifty percent of the cost”, as Dr. Habib says. The operators and individuals who run the institute in Bangladesh embody the same vision and have further expanded on that. They aim to provide affordable and efficient services to everyone of Bangladesh, and allow them the privilege to use the already completed test to be used anywhere in the world.

“We dream of providing everyone in our country all the medical tests at half the cost,”

Diagnostics and testing are very rigorous, laborious and costly projects, and these always financially strain a lot of patients, to the extent that they are unable to attain future and further tests. Thyrocare BD offers exactly that gateway. “We dream of providing everyone in our country all the medical tests at half the cost,” Mr. Sohail Humayun, Managing Director of Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited, notes, the key figure in smoothly running the organization.

Testing done to identify ailments faster, as well as providing preventive tests to ensure that well-being and wellness are not beyond reach for those who want to secure it. These are the warriors who do not fight on the fields to protect, but rather those who take the oath to ensure that no individual feels left behind because of their socioeconomic conditions that they never had a hand in to begin with. These are the individuals who work from behind the curtains that every family gets to see their loved ones live a healthy life and are not struggling to attain quality medical care, even if they live in a region that may not have the technological touch that the rest of the world may have. Health and well-being are all encompassing, because of few individuals working to change how we should take care of ourselves and how healthcare should be accessible for all, as long as you have the will to stay well and to find some way to improve your health, at marginal costs, using the best resources at hand.

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