Cooking is more fun and productive when your kitchen interior is functionally and aesthetically enriched, writes ImranaYasmin Urmi.

Cooking plays a vital part in our life. Sometimes we cook regularly, occasionally or professionally. It takes plenty of time if you involve yourself in it much. If you have well designed kitchen, your productivity will definitely go up! When we think about designing a kitchen space, we usually think about how beautiful it would be to look at. But wait! It’s not enough! Well designed kitchen is highly functional first and then aesthetically beautiful as well.

To make your kitchen be incredibly functional, you need to concentrate on the kitchen layout first. You have to make furniture plan on the layout that allows efficient use of space and free movement in the kitchen. If you keep in mind the following key considerations, you can design your own kitchen like a pro.

Assess your Kitchen Requirements and Make a Budget

Take a pen and paper and write down your needs while designing a kitchen because there are thousands of ideas that might float in your head. To assess your needs, certain factors you need to keep in concern such as the activities that would normally take place in your kitchen, size of your family, the amount of people who are usually going to cook in your kitchen, food habits, if there are any pets that may use the space, type of storages that you would prefer, type of aesthetic look you want to bring in and the list goes on. Depending on your assessment, you need to plan your budget as well. Sometimes, in the assessing and planning stage, we often overlook hundreds of small expenses that eventually occur and those expenses are obvious to deal with. If we incorporate those expenses in our budget in the beginning, it turns out to be life saver.

Place the Sink and Dishwasher First

Sink plays vital role in the kitchen because somehow it is the place, where you spend most of your time. Place sink where you can view into the room or out of window. You can also place your sink on the kitchen island. Talking about dishwasher, it’s more functional, if you place it within arm’s reach of the sink. It would be easy for you to rinse off excess food from the plates and put it straight into the dishwasher. Otherwise, you would face the hassle of moving across the kitchen and dripping dirty water all over the floor, if you place your dishwasher far away from the sink.

Place the Burner on an Exterior Wall

Always place the burner or stove on an exterior rather than island or interior walls. It is a must to install kitchen hood to maintain ventilation and it’s easy to install and less expensive, when you put your stove on an exterior wall.

Maximize Kitchen Storage

Lack of storage is one of the common problems among the clients. You can maximize storages by using each and every corner of your kitchen efficiently. Put cabinets up to ceiling if you want to increase storage or if you designing small kitchen. You can also go for open shelves to put spices jars, dry foods or frequently used utensils. Vertical storage is very helpful if you are having space enough for storage. You can prefer clear glass cabinets for displaying your aesthetic crockery.

Let the Lighting Effect the Feel of your Kitchen

If you can put the light strategically, you will discover a new mood in the kitchen. Install LED lights beneath the upper cabinets facing the top. It would spice up the atmosphere of your kitchen noticeably. Put spot lights if you are having glass cabinets to display your crockery. Avoid hanging lights in your kitchen and your kitchen would look much spacious. You must have to keep in mind one thing i.e. lights those emit heat are big no no for your kitchen.

Power Plug Location

Plan the power plug location carefully during planning stage. In modern days, we use multiple kitchen electronics regularly. So, it’s wise to put more than one plug point at our convenient places.

Kitchen Island

In the past, kitchen used to be somewhat private area where cooks used spend all day only concentrating on cooking. By contrast, in modern era, kitchen is a place where multiple tasks are taking place, such as socializing, eating or doing home works etc. Hence, kitchen has become more open and inviting place. Kitchen Island makes a kitchen more inviting and it does an awesome job, if you want make your kitchen just like that. Though it’s a new trend in our country, people are much appreciating kitchen island in their kitchenthese days. It also allows you to create extra storage beneath the top of kitchen island.

Style and Color Scheme

Choose your own style for your kitchen that goes with your taste. There are various materials available in the market that would help you create your style in the kitchen. Light shades of color scheme would make your kitchen look bigger than that of its actual size. It will require less lighting to brighten up your kitchen as well. If you want to give your kitchen a modern look, prefer white as a primary color to achieve it.

Agronomic Rules for kitchen

When you are cooking for longer period of the day, you sometimes face back pain or sometimes you cannot get your kitchen utensils within your reach. It can be avoided, if you follow agronomic rules for kitchen. In this case, you can hire professionals or get an idea by yourself from the internet.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in your dream kitchen wisely before throwing the next party at your home!

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