Capturing Beautiful Bangladesh

Capturing the beauty of nature through the lens is an art on its own, and presenting it to the world is another. Photographer and Content Creator, Imam Hossain, better known by his internet name, Chittagong, is an artist that not only captures the beauty of nature but of our naturistic Bangladesh. Read on as COLORS dives into his journey to being a photographer and aspiring filmmaker.

Imam’s journey took shape through his ever-growing love for movies. Growing up watching cinema, he took much influence from popular Bangla and Western movies. His film interests also took a dip in the French and Iranian world, which, as Imam says, all added dimension to his ‘visual sense’. Through this, he harnessed a desire to capture moments and tell stories in a way that would make the viewer feel certain emotions. 

However, Imam never really saw himself pursuing this as a career in his early years, being an engineering student after all. But he slowly found himself wanting to capture the beauty that surrounded him and his city, to share with the world. It wasn’t until he opened his Instagram account back in 2018 that he finally turned his dream into a reality and has since seen rapid growth.

“From posting travel photography to creating commercial content for several noteworthy brands, it has been an amazing transition,” Imam shares. 

Apart from movies, his inspiration also revolves around Mother Nature. Having the privilege of growing up in the beautiful port city, Chittagong, Imam always appreciated the beauty of nature, and photography helped him take this a step further.

When asked what his favorite spot to capture in Bangladesh has been, Imam without a doubt names Saint Martin’s Island; one of the most serene, touristic parts of Bangladesh.

“The combination of the deep blue sea, the tropical greenery, and the added solitude make for the perfect atmosphere I need to create my content,” explains Imam.

Despite requiring so much effort to produce quality content, people tend to stand by the notion that “everyone can do photography”. When commenting on this notion, Imam tells COLORS that he believes this to be a fact. Everyone in fact ‘can’ take pictures. However, he further added that just taking pictures doesn’t make one a good photographer, but it is rather ‘understanding the craft’ that does. 

Imam’s advice to any young and budding content creator is to keep trying out new things until you find what you’re good at and what resonates with you. Only then can you pursue it with a passion.

“Whatever you do, try and seek business opportunities that will help sustain your passion,” he says.

Digital content creation is currently one of the most expanding industries in the world. However, it is not as easy a path to walk as one might think. One of the common vices of being a content creator is dealing with creator’s block, and Imam has found his way of dealing with it.

“I take my mind on a walk like I would take a little puppy,” he shares. “It allows me to think more clearly and always gives me a new perspective.”

He also mentions the importance of creating the right environment while working and taking necessary breaks.

Although Imam’s current content focuses highly on photography, his ultimate goal has always been to be a filmmaker. Starting from his love for movies, Imam has always dreamed of creating something that will move his viewers. He also invests his time in cinematography and loves creating video content with the right mood and right music. 

“Photography and Cinematography help me understand and practice the craft of filmmaking,” Imam shares. “Which is my end goal.”

What Imam wants, at the end of the day, is to tell visual stories that captivate the viewers’ hearts.

The color scheme being one of the most important things for a photographer to keep in mind, Imam focuses on melancholic and naturistic colors and scenes that inspire a tranquil emotion within his viewers. To celebrate the month of festivities and peace, Imam takes us on a serene journey through Bangladesh through his vibrant photography.

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