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With travels paused and schools paused, Emirates launched a special activity page to keep kids and their family entertained over the summer holidays. The Emirates Fly with Me Animals, that are the flight companions for every kid, has been made into digital versions, so that they are with every kid, even when they are away.

Parents and children will be able to print out the 16-page colouring book and reconnect with Lewis the Lion, Peek U the Panda, Ernie the Penguin, Savannah the Elephant, Brett the Bear, Mia the Manta Ray and ChaoChao the alligator. Everyone will be able to connect with family and friends by sending a special message all using the easily downloadable postcards or by keeping one’s most treasured moments in a downloadable photo frame using from your choice of animal. Kids can also learn to bake a yummy banana cake or enjoy with the animals in a series of videos for children.

The Fly with me Animals activity magazine is available for download, containing puzzles and games to make learning fun for kids. And children who are missing their cuddly travel companions can visit the Emirates Official Store to purchase the toys to take back home.

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