Adding Emotion to Home-decor

Satori Limited has burst on to the scene of what defines home interiors. Shaon Tanvir, CEO of Satori Limited, speaks to Arka Dev Biswas as she spells out how houses can be turned into homes.

Shaon Tanvir’s beauty resonates just like her profession, hitting all the right notes through and through.
Photographer: Kazi Mukul.

Changing the wave of interior décor
Home décor like chandeliers, stands, and other pieces were usually available in markets across the city. For anyone to buy a standout piece, they would have to shell out a significant price for it. Items such as showpieces, art, and lamp stands would be available, but very rare. This rarity led to demands for these items to be high and prices to be skyrocketing. Satori entered the frame to create a difference. CEO Shaon Tanvir recognized how home décor enthusiasts are charmed by the pieces they see everywhere. ‘Travelling abroad means you see a lot of beautiful showpieces. But at the back of your mind, you have to think about all the overriding factors even if you buy the piece. This is where we want to give people the opportunity to simply purchase those exact pieces, from nearby at a reasonable cost.’

Satori came to prominence thus forth, providing décor solutions to individuals who want quality pieces at reasonable prices. Competitive pricing is fine, however, exorbitant prices are something that hinders a lot of consumers from beautifying their homes. Satori changes this narrative and makes consumers believe that quality should not be breaking one’s bank. The idea can seem parallel to IKEA, the furniture retail giant in the US, and it is something that Satori also aims to emulate – Provide various price levels that consumers of all economic strata can afford, without foregoing quality. And the approach changes preferences being catered to one’s heart’s desire. Satori’s objective is to provide value for money and ensure that the mass appeal drives the business. Lumiere, an extension of Satori’s services, has more light based solutions, with both mass appeal and exclusivity functioning and keeping the main ambition still alive  

Strong personality meeting elegance is what Shaon Tanvir embodies.
Photographer: Kazi Mukul.

Running the business as the strong lady
Interior décor has primarily been a male-dominated industry. Although the consumers have a larger women segment, the industry has been run more or so by men. Shaon Tanvir takes the entire responsibility of visiting places and going through the tedious process of selecting and buying all the pieces that are sold by Satori. From communicating with shippers, suppliers, forwarders, and the customs, she takes the approach with the goal that, everything should be up to the mark. There will always be barriers; however, working in the industry long enough meant Shaon Tanvir learnt the ropes on how to tread through such dreaded waters. Moreover, being a woman, the stereotypical idea of how everyone sees women as lightweight, is something that is disheartening. Shaon Tanvir stands out from this generic classification and makes sure that women are heavyweights when it comes to running businesses.

Directing the market as a leader
The market of interior décor has improved almost overtime. A lot has to do with how Satori has shifted the previous approach of exorbitant pricing for all to the mass consumer approach and volume sales, from exclusive dealing to mass consumption. The expansion has been significant, and the market improved more, thanks to the internet. E-commerce has led to how interior décor is not limited to Dhaka alone. Delivery to distant parts of Bangladesh is also something that Satori does, however, on a pre-payment basis. The online consumption syndrome may be something that most individuals are phobic to, but, Satori does overwhelmingly best to ensure that customer satisfaction is not foregone in any manner. With returns being minimal relative to others, especially when delicate pieces are being handled, it shows the actual blueprint to how success can be attained. 

The CEO also notes something that makes the entire market and industry more integrating. Interior décor has moved from being more women-oriented to also men willing to decorate meeting rooms and waiting rooms with more appealing pieces. As a woman, it takes way more effort to ensure that the market remembers the impact left on the industry. Satori simply reflects what it’s owner reflects – perseverance and resilience in an industry that was rigid previously, can change as long as ambitions are pushed for incessantly.

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